Sunday, May 25, 2008

Making Noise on Memorial Day

"Rat-tat-tat," goes the jackhammer. "Crunch, crunch, crunch," goes the rubble. And there she goes. Bye-bye to the broken steps!

Beginning last Friday my husband started work to remove our cracked and broken back steps. It is slow going, but he's making progress. We had rain and thunderstorms Saturday. This left him unable to work outdoors. Instead we spent some time together, went to see the new Narnia movie, and relaxed a bit before I started in on my homework again.

The view out our back door today
This is the view I woke up to this morning from our back door. It's too big a drop off for me and the chihuahuas, but Ginger makes the leap in fine form.

Working to remove broken cement steps
I took the dogs on a long walk this afternoon to get away from the noise awhile. We enjoyed our little reprieve, basked in the cool breeze, and met another little dog friend along the way. She was a cute little Yorkie who ran away from her mama about half of a block to come greet and meet us.

He's still hanging in there after hours with the jackhammer
While we walked, Patrick kept chipping away at the back steps. As shown here, they are more than three-quarters gone now.

Word around here is when we replace the front steps, we're building a new deck over top of the old. My dear, hard working sweetheart says, "This is the last time I'm doing this!"

While I was out and about with the camera I got a few shots of the lilacs. They smell so good right now. I absolutely love this time of year when they bloom.

Lilac bushes in back block view from neighbors

These are in the back yard hiding the neighbors behind us and giving us a nice tall backdrop to enclose our yard. They are very tall, at least eight or nine feet in height.

Lilac bush in back yard
Here is a close-up of the pale violet color. Just gorgeous, and they smell so wonderful. I do not know that much about plants and flowers, but one can easily see the front and back lilacs are of two different varieties.

Lilac bush in front yeard
There is one lilac bush in the front yard. It was quite large when we moved here. We trimmed some from around the bottom because it wanted to keep spreading further out. Now it has grown so tall it seems more like a very bushy tree. This is a shot above my head, so you can tell they are very tall. They go up over the corner of the house.

Lilac bush up close
This front yard lilac is located near the front bedroom window. When that window is open we have the scent of fresh spring lilacs on that side of the house. What a blessing to enjoy beauty along with the fresh scent of lilac.

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