Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cloth Elf Doll

Cloth Doll: needle-sculpted to create three dimensional form
I was going through some of the older photos I recently downloaded from my camera and came across this one. I would have to look through some records to see when I made this doll, I don't remember off the top of my head. She came about because I saw an on-line challenge and sent away for the challenge kit. The idea was to use at least three of the 5-6 challenge kit items that came in the kit to create a doll. She was a winner for me in this challenge. I've always liked the way she turned out.

Full length view of the elf dollThe three items I used were a plain muslin cotton dish towel, some orange feathers, and a short length of rope. I made the doll body, head, arms and legs from the dish towel. The feather was glued into the little bird cage I found in a local hobby supply shop (as if her caged bird flew away and left only the feather), and I un-twisted the sisal rope to use the fibers to make her hair. The doll is wired - meaning her fingers are poseable - I used pipe cleaners as the wiring. Her head and body are overpainted with acrylic paint so she has a stiff feel, not the soft cloth squishy doll type. I hand-painted the features on the face with acrylic.

I had her packed away for awhile, but took her out of storage a while ago. She's currently standing on her pedestal in my living room. I've got several other dolls I periodically take them out on a rotating basis for display. There's just not room in my house to keep them all out. I'd probably get tired of looking at all of them after awhile anyway.

Sometimes I wonder why I keep all the stuff I've got in storage. Since I recently started clearing things out of my Sewing Studio and realized just have much I have I have been thinking of selling some of it to get rid of some excess. I just haven't found the time to do that yet. I've still got some stuff to sort through.

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