Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Homework and Walking

It seems that my life has pretty much boiled down to doing homework for my on-line classes, or walking the dogs. The homework has become a frantic rush to get projects done in time. I honestly feel I am NOT devoting the time I need to toward each subject, but it is near impossible to spend as much time as I want on any one subject when I have six classes. I have two and a half weeks left. Yeah! I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to being done with these. I only pray I don't make a total blunder and forget to turn in something only to find my grade drops dramatically. Right now the report shows good scores, but I am near panic mode wondering how in the world I am going to get all these assignments in these last two weeks. The last assignments are major papers and posting two full websites with lots of functionality. Aagh! My adrenaline is running high nearly all the time and I know that cannot be good.

Thus, I have been trying to schedule a long walk at least once a day to keep sane. I find it is a relaxing time to get away from stress, and noise, the last few days. It has been a welcome break from it all. And I know the dogs really love it.

Today I took them out the front door around to the back to check the progress on the back steps. I was carrying the leashes in my hand. Those dogs could hardly contain themselves with excitement for going out on a walk. I had contemplated leaving the little ones home so Ginger and I could make an extra long trek at a faster pace and still use the same amount of time. Sugar, bless her heart, was raring to go and was trying to beat Ginger out of the yard. She usually likes to lag behind a bit and was the reason I was thinking of leaving the chihuahuas at home. I'm glad I didn't, she kept up nicely and was excited the whole time.

The neighbor kids were outside playing so we walked back home on that side of the street. I wanted to try to socialize the little ones around people more. The kids wanted to take turns walking them up and down the street. All in all it worked out pretty well. The dogs were pretty well behaved and went along with being lead by kids for the most part. When I finally took back the leashes and asked them if they were ready to go all three of them lined up in their usual formations (they seem to like their own preferred positions) and looked to me to signal "let's go". And we were off. I was so proud of them for behaving well with the kids!

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