Thursday, May 22, 2008

Circle Jeans Quilt Update

I was going to post a link to my instructions to my Circle Jeans Quilt, but it seemed confusing because I thought I originally submitted it to but now see a copy of the instructions on The link in my previous post actually does not take you to, but to the site where the instructions can be found. Looking further I found the instructions copied to a number of different sites along with photos of quilts made by other quilters.

How interesting to see so many people have used my instructions to make their own quilts. It seems to be a popular one for recycle enthusiasts. That's part of the reason I wanted to reference it again after so much time - recycling has become so big again now with everyone going "green" for the environment as well as saving money due to high gas prices and increases in other products as a result of those high prices.

I'm glad to see the instructions have been such a hit. Hopefully many others will see it again here on my blog and keep some of that denim out of land fills and find a new life in a recycled quilt.

There are more links I just ran across here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

This site shows some step-by-step pictures of the process.

Here is another site with step-by-step tutorials on the Circle Jeans Quilt.

And another website with photos of the process.

This forum's page discusses my Circle Blue Jeans quilt and using flannel instead of denim. Actually the very first person I showed this quilt pattern prior to submitting it to was for a friend who wanted to use regular quilter's cotton instead of the denim. We spent an afternoon visiting while I showed her the steps. I would suggest using a square of batting inside underneath the "window" square to give it some warmth. The only drawback with using cotton is all the seams are on the bias. If you are not careful you will find they tend to unravel easily and may stretch out of shape when sewing around the circle shapes. That's why I like the denim, it doesn't have that same stretch to it. This might also be fun to do with felt circles. I might try that as a small table topper one of these days.

Here's another forum talking about a program Fons & Porter did calling it a Peek-a-Boo Quilt for Baby. Apparently they made theirs with flannel. There were several other links to various sites and photos of finished quilts from this forum. Have fun perusing the various links.

Have fun sewing one for yourself or a loved one. They make great lap quilts. They're certainly warm! A bit heavy if you make them too big, but certainly warm!

Here are a list of the links I've found so far in the event one of these doesn't work for you, you can copy and past them to your browser for yourself:

I think that's more than enough links for me to look at tonight. I'm sure you can find more photos of other quilter's Circle Jeans Quilts if you do your own search. That's how I found these. Search "Circle Jeans Quilt" in your own browser and it will take you to lots of references to this quilt and all kinds of variations from it. It's kind of fun to see so many renditions of this.

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  1. The tutorial that keeps on giving... we linked to it today at Quilt Inspiration: . Thanks for inspiring so many quilters!


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