Monday, May 12, 2008

Flowers and Sweets

Close-up of a pretty bouquet of spring flowers includes daisies.The flowers are my husband's, not mine. A "Get Well" sentiment from last week. But I can happily appreciate them as much as anyone. He put them in the center of the kitchen table for just a touch of beauty to brighten up the room and bring some fresh, spring color indoors. I have to agree with Meg Ryan's character in You've Got Mail, daisies do make me happy! :)

A piece of yummy chocolate cake with white frosting and pink frosting flowersI had a craving for one of those big, deluxe cupcakes today so I decided to take a walk to a nearby grocery store to get one. My husband, good sport that he is, accompanied me. We took all three dogs just to get them out of the house. They were well behaved (for the most part) as we ambled on over to the store. We took turns going inside so one of us could stay with the dogs outside. It was so disappointing to get inside to discover they only had one cupcake left, and someone had managed to poke a couple big holes in it with their finger. I didn't want that one! So I settled for the next best thing. They had a couple of these mini cakes - chocolate. They're small, maybe six inches in diameter, at most. It was moist and tasty so I can't complain even though I had my heart set on a cupcake. But, looking on the bright side, now I have some left over for tomorrow. --Yummy!

There's really not a whole lot to write about for today. It was pretty low key. I got some homework done, I had not one, but two walks - one walk was a loop around the mall since it is cool and rainy, and the other with the dogs so they could stretch their legs. I have to say they are doing so much better on leashes now than when we started. Sugar seems to be taking to it like a younger pup lately. She's getting old, so I don't want to push her, but there were several times today she was running up ahead of me along side Sparky. She occasionally trips and stumbles, not sure what that's all about . . . age or something else? I'm happy to see them enjoying their outings!

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