Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lost my mind

Sometimes I think I've lost my mind. Maybe it's just lack of sleep. The other day I thought the website I uploaded was gone. It was just gone from the google line up. Apparently the order was rearranged and didn't show up like it had before. I was still able to see the site.

Jeepers, I'm driving myself nuts! I most definitely need some Sewing Therapy.

I did manage to get out and take a long walk with the dogs on Saturday. That was a blessing because it was such a nice sunny day. Windy, but sunny.

The little dogs crack me up sometimes. We've got two chihuahuas (Sugar and Sparky) and a larger hunting dog (Ginger) who is a mixed breed border collie and black lab. She's really smart! The two little ones are real characters at times. The little guy, Sparky is such a pip. He throws a tantrum if the leash is pulling too hard. The funny thing is, I can be standing still and he'll pull against it and go into this wild tantrum and start squealing while he spins circles. I'm hoping one day he'll make the connection to realize he's the one doing the pulling and tugging that gets him riled up. Meanwhile, he makes me chuckle.

I actually took two walks today. Once around several blocks with all three dogs. We go at a pretty slow pace for the chihuahua's short little legs. Then they stayed home and I went out again a little further, and quicker pace, with Ginger. I think she got pretty tired out. She laid around the rest of the evening. When we left she was pretty high energy; when we came home she was pretty low energy. She and I are trying to walk off some excess weight so it does us both good.

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