Friday, January 23, 2009

On My Desk

Found a couple new magazine titles at the bookstore.The stuff on my desk seems to be multiplying. Yikes! Guess it's time to go through and get straightened up again. That's going to be one of my chores this weekend after work tomorrow. Tidy up the desk and file paperwork.

The green zipper bag was made on my embroidery machine with an
Anita Goodesign design. It is one of those "complete it in the hoop" designs that sews the whole thing, zipper and all, right in the hoop. It holds a small camera and camera cable for downloading my photos to the computer. I can grab it quickly to toss in my purse when I'm heading out the door. Most of the other stuff is clutter that needs to be dealt with. Funny how clutter multiplies the way it does.

What's on my desk today.I stopped at the bookstore today and purchased a couple new titles I noticed for the first time a few days ago. Perhaps they're new, or just new to me. Both are mags from the UK. There seems to be some interesting articles in each so I decided to purchase and bring them home for a more leisurely look. I think they'll go with me in a bit as I snuggle for warmth under the covers before I fall to sleep. I don't always read in bed as it can get uncomfortable after a short time. I usually enjoy reading while seated in my chair in the living room with nice bright lighting and a comfortable footstool to prop my feet upon.

It has turned considerably colder outside tonight. I was just thinking of heading off to bed to peek through these mags when I realized I did not plug in my car when I got home tonight. I have to do that first or this cold spell will surely have the engine block frozen solid by morning.

Okay, I agree, this is a pretty boring blog entry. Seems to be pretty much the same ol' same ol' around here lately. I've got some things coming up over the next couple weeks. Should have some more interesting things to report in the near future. But for now . . . snoooooze!

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