Saturday, January 17, 2009

Piled High

Snow piled high (approximately 4-4.5 feet) along the sidewalk.I left work today and it was still light outside. How refreshing THAT is . . . to get off work and see the sun still shining. How wonderful that it was nice and warm along with the sun. Our temperatures were back up to 30 degrees. It was wonderful to be so much warmer. Of course the sun out and warmer temps combined to melt some snow and made it a bit slick with ice when it re-froze once the sun went down. The news reports tell of 40 car accidents and vehicles in the ditch. Even so, I look forward to having it warm up like this.

I thought I'd be able to get some good photos of the snow we've got piled up around the house since it was so nice and sunny. Unfortunately by the time I drove home, let the dogs out, and changed my clothes it was already getting dark out. So, the photo reflects that. Perhaps I'll get some better shots tomorrow. This is the view walking out on the sidewalk by our house. How's that for a big pile of snow!?!

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