Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Square Strip Quilt

Here's a view of what I've been up to the last few days. I went to sew with a friend on Monday. This is the clear see-thru tote I took along with my materials to work on that day. I've been sewing on a strip quilt. It is based upon a quilt I saw in the McCall's QuickQuilts magazine January 2009, page 57, Cozy Cabins quilt. It's a series of squares sewn around a black center square. I've been using up some scraps that I've had sitting around for a long time. There are a variety of bright colorful fabrics as well as some other more muted tones in this quilt. It should make an interesting mix.

When I think about it, the reason I like strip quilts lately is they seem so easy to do with lots of mindless sewing and a time to download and de-stress. It's been fun getting together with a friend and chat while passing the morning sewing. I've enjoyed our times together without having to stress with trying to read a pattern and follow specified cutting directions and other instructions. It's been fun to just sew and see what develops.

This quilt is nearly done. I will be laying all the squares out to arrange them in preparation for sewing them together. I've yet to get a quilt top aligned on my quilting frame. Perhaps this will be the one to have that honor of being the first.

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