Sunday, February 8, 2009

Filling my Head with Programming Info

I've been spending time filling my head with info on building websites. I had gotten away from studying my programming material. Now I am trying to refresh my memory on what I learned with classes last year. I picked up a couple programming books a couple months ago. Getting back in the swing of things in this direction has been interesting. How easily one forgets things!

The current book I'm working through is starting off okay. I'm remembering stuff from classes -- that's good, but hadn't realized it was being lost. I'm sure it is a lot like riding a bike. Once I start to get back into it, it should come back easier.

We are supposed to be hit with some cold, icy weather tonight and the next couple days. Forecasts are predicting we'll get about a quarter inch of ice build-up before the snow starts. I will likely spend the day at home tomorrow. I don't want to chance getting out on the road if it's not an emergency. I had a few errands I could do, but will wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Today was a nice, relaxing day. We slept in a bit, watched some cable TV shows and ate a leisurely meal late this afternoon. It was a tasty beef gravy with veggies over rice. Yum! There's still more left over for tomorrow, the fridge is stocked and I've got plenty to keep me busy here at home through the coming storm. Hopefully it won't be too severe.

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