Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Snow covered chicken planterI hate being sick! I missed some days at work last week, and again this weekend had a relapse. I'm missing work again today. Getting extra sleep is definitely helping. Getting on an antibiotic helps, too.

I took this photo of a chicken planter on the back patio a few weeks ago. The snow was bright and sparkly with the sun shining that day. Now this planter, half buried in snow and in the shadows of the shed, reflects the way I feel this weekend. I've been going from feeling like I'm freezing cold to burning up the last few days. Even tucked under four blankets I could hardly feel warm enough, only to be followed up with throwing off the covers being too over heated. Yuck, yuck, yuck! Being sick is the pits.

I've enjoyed all the snow we've had so far this year - because I like snow. But I have to admit I stood by the window looking out yesterday and . . . I am longing for warm weather and green grass. I really look forward to a change of seasons. Warmer weather, getting over colds and sinus infections, seeing the grass turn green and a few new flower buds -- yeah, I can't wait for spring!

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