Monday, February 16, 2009

Hopping the Bunny Trail

One of the pillows in progress.I've been away blogging for awhile, but now am back. One of the things I have sewn recently was wedding ring bearer pillows for my niece's wedding that took place last Saturday. I embroidered the designs on my Pfaff Creative Vision then stitched the pillows together. This photo shows one of the pillow in progress.

Two wedding ring bearer pillows to choose from.I made two pillows for my niece to choose from. I have not heard yet from her which one she decided to go with. It was fun to do both of them since they turned out looking so different with the finishing touches on each one.

Evidence of the bunny.We have bunny rabbits living near us every year. It doesn't seem to matter that we've got three dogs, the bunnies have been coming around every year for some time now. Here's the evidence to prove it.

A closer look at the bunny tracks by the gate.I find it kind of hard to believe that bunnies are able to squeeze under the bottom edge of our gate. It sits so close to the ground. I heard they were able to slide through very narrow gaps in fencing to squeeze through to an area they want to get to. I just never realized it was quite this narrow. There just doesn't seem to be much room to get past this gate.

I woke up to see ice and frost on the trees.It was absolutely beautiful outdoors this morning. I woke up to find a winter wonderland of ice and frost on all the trees. I just had to grab my camera to get some pictures. Granted these are not the best photos. They fall far short of ever capturing the beauty of the glittering scenery that was our yard.

comparing the winter steps to those of this past summer.The snow has been piled high all winter with shoveling off snow and ice from the back steps and the walk-way that allows the dogs to get out and about in the back yard. This view of the back door shows how high that pile is at the moment. There is actually a bit less than there had been a few weeks ago. We were blessed with some warmer than normal temps for a few days that brought on a wee bit of a melt of some ice and snow. No fear! There's still lots more outside! It'll be winter here for a while longer.

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