Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On the Road - to Fargo

A view of the cutting table laid out among beautiful quilt fabric.I am on the road today for work, visiting the Fargo store. It's a first time visit for me to this store. Lots of nice things to see. The store displays are set up with a nice arrangement to show off various producs. It I wasn't working there today, I probably would have spent some time looking around. How fortunate for me I had the opportunity to do both, today.

The Pfaff Creative Vision sewing and embroidery machine is a dream machine.The top-of-the-line Pfaff Creative Vision is located on this sewing cabinet. The Creative Vision is such a wonderful machine. I am really pleased to be an owner of this machine. I haven't taken much time to sew this summer, but certainly look forward to getting back to work on my Crumb Quilt. The Fargo store has theirs set up right in the center of their store.

Needle Punching - Felting machineI love the samples at this display of the needle punch felting machine. They are really bright and colorful - really catch the eye. Here's another area I could be working on so as not to get too rusty. These little machines are pretty easy to operate. Gues that's another thing I should get back to working on when I get back home tomorrow.

I love the look of this little table runner.The yo-yo's around the perimeter of this table topper certainly enhance its look. I have the yo-yo maker at home already, but have yet to use it. I think this will be something that appeals to me for a future project this fall. I noticed whoever made this example formed the yo-yos to be somewhat fluffy rather than flat. I have always made them to be fairly flat. I enjoy the look and feel of these peices. There are lots of things to see in this shop.

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