Saturday, August 9, 2008

What's on my Computer

A peek at what's been on my computer recently - 4D Suite program is showing in this picture.I spent most of the day working on my website. It's amazing how slow I still am at working through some of the info to get things to work right. I'm pretty pleased with my results so far. I've just about got the main templates for the pages done, then it's just a matter of inputting copy for each page. I feel good about what has been accomplished at this point.

My image with this blog posting shows a picture of my Pfaff 4D Suite embroidery digitizing software on the screen. I haven't been playing with that program near enough this summer, but once the website's up and running I plan on adding some embroidery designs to see how the response is. I know this blog isn't being looked at my very many people yet. That should change over time as I get going more with all my plans.

Meanwhile, I have certainly been enjoying the summer. It's hard to believe we're already into August. My, time sure goes fast!

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