Saturday, August 2, 2008

Increasing My Daily Fiber

Here are some scraps being sewn into a crumb quilt.I've been getting a little extra fiber lately - in the form of fabric with a little sewing therapy. I'm using some of the scraps uncovered in my organizing efforts to make a crumb quilt. I saw the idea of a crumb quilt at this site and also here and here. I came across these sites quite by accident one day when following various links from one blog to another.

A closer view of the process.Crumb quilts are scrap quilts made from the small cotton scrap left overs from other projects. These scraps are all sewn together, as orderly or as haphazardly as they go together. There is a lot of freedom to just sew without having to follow any specific pattern. Once the scraps are sewn together to form a large enough piece it is then squared up, or trimmed, to whatever size square desired to fit your quilt.

Keep sewing your scraps together till the piece is large enough to cut to the size of your block.I have also been cutting up some of my larger fabric scraps into 2 1/2" strips. I am planning on using them to go around these 6 1/2" crumb quilt blocks. These will be the 'centers' of a variation of a log cabin-ish block. In my head it looks good. I'll find out how it really looks in real life once I get started sewing those strips to these crumb blocks.

I've started a collection of 6 1/2 inch crumb blocks for use in a quilt.Meanwhile, I've still got a bit more to sew to use up the scrappy crumb blocks I've got going here. I'll keep you posted on my progress. This is a relaxing kind of quilt to make because it's a kind of mindless sewing I can do while watching TV without having to stick to a pattern. You just cannot mess this one up.

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