Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oshkosh Airshow 2008

Mr. B and Ben travel to Oshkosh in style.I'm a bit late getting these photos posted; but better late than never, right? The airshow took place last week. My son, Ben, won a trip for two to the Oshkosh Airshow. He invited his dad to accompany him on the trip. It was a good bonding experience and an opportunity to get away to do something a little bit different, out of the ordinary. Mr. B drove out to visit the boys and he and Ben flew out to Oshkosh the next day.

A patchwork look at the world below.Their view from the plane showed the fields looking like a patchwork quilt. It's such a pretty view to look out and see. Whenever I fly this is one of the reasons I like a window seat. The views are great.

Ben finds a seat with a view.A view of the interior of the plane in which they flew to Oshkosh. Ben looks comfortable here, camera at the ready, a cold drink in hand. Let the weekend begin!

A view from the pilot's seat - plane dashboard.Mr. B had to get a shot of the dashboard of the plane that took them out to Wisconsin. Dashboard? Is that the correct term for a plane's control panel? It looks complicated to me. Or it could be a very elaborate computer simulator. . . Nope, this one's for real.

Dashboard of the rental car.Here's a view of the dashboard in the rental car they had for the weekend.

Welcome to the Oshkosh Air Show.A big welcome to the Oshkosh Air Show. Step under the arch and enjoy the activities.

Planes at the show.I can display the photos, but don't know all the details about the planes. So some input in the comments is welcome here.

Plane #1

Another plane of interest.Here's another plane.

Plane #2

This is cool.How cool is this - take your motorcycle along on your next flight!

Overhead air show.A look up at a plane flying overhead during the airshow.

Plane #3

Synchronized flying.Another overhead view of the synchronized flying in formation.

a simulated bombing attack.This was not a real bomb. No one was injured during filming of the airshow. Okay, just a light-hearted comment. This was a simulated bomb attack during the show for effects. It's a pretty good illusion. You'll notice no one's running for their lives.

There were lots of other digital photos stored in the camera when Mr. B got back. This small sampling gives a good feel for the show. Mr. B said he had a good time and was glad to have had the opportunity to share this time with Ben.

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  1. The photo of me sitting in the airplane was at the airshow at the Cessna booth.


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