Sunday, August 17, 2008

Old Family Photos

I have been going through some of our old family photos looking for pictures from the days the kids were little. One of my sons has been asking me to send copies from those years. It's funny how you remember an image in your mind so much differently than what it really was in life. Photos are a good way to record things since we are often so forgetful. I'm posting a few of the photos here, just because . . .

The boys at a rest stop in Germany.Traveling the Autobahn in Germany - we stopped at a rest stop to get out of the car for awhile. It gave the boys a chance to stretch their legs and run off some energy. They are standing on top of a huge boulder that was part of the landscaping here.

Cousins - together for a visit.My sister and her husband were stationed in Germany at the same time we were stationed there. We were at opposite ends of the country, and decided to meet for a mini vacation. Here they are, cousins posing for a group shot. We were visiting tourist spots. I think this was in the courtyard of one of Germany's castles.

Playing 'Superman' with home-made outfits.The boys loved Superman and used to tie small blankets and bath towels around them as capes when they played. I decided to sew some Superman outfits for them, but only had limited fabric available at the time. Thus their costumes ended up being white and blue. They didn't seem to care as they played Superman for hours on end running around with their arms out in front like they were flying.

A scenic view in the Badlands of the Dakotas.One of our vacation trips we headed south which took us through the Badlands. We stopped at a place with a scenic roadside view to take pictures. This is certainly beautiful country, on a nice warm summer day. The boys and I posed for the camera with this wide open vista. It's too bad it wasn't a wide shot lens, this landscape went on for miles.

Neighborhod friends with attitude.The boys loved to play with the kids who lived down the street. They were always either all at our house or all at their house. I got out the camera and asked them to pose for photo. They'd been playing for awhile and were really cutting up and joking around. I couldn't get them to hold still for a calmer, more serious picture for very long. This day it was all about 'attitude' trying to out-do one another in their poses and zaniness.

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