Saturday, September 6, 2008


Home made pizza - the best!I made home made pizza last weekend. With just the two of us here at home now it lasted several days. Yummy! Home style is always best. This one was just a simple hamburger pizza with tomatoes and green peppers. I used three cheeses to top it off. Excellent.

I haven't written much on my blog lately. This is mainly due to the fact that I went back to work and just have not taken the time to sit down to collect my thoughts on anything blog-worthy. I have been working on re-learning stuff I knew from six months ago. It's surprising how many little things you let slip right out of mind without even thinking about it. Now that I've been there a few weeks it seems to be flowing a bit easier. We'll see how I keep up with the pace since I've taken on more responsibilities than I had before with a slightly different position. It's the same company I've been working at these past six years. I have to say it's been fun getting to see many of the previous customers and all the employees after my summer sabatical.

I need to head off to bed soon, so won't stay up to blog for now. More to come tomorrow night . . . Good Night!

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