Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What's for Supper Tonight?

Supper is soft shell tacos and nachos for tonight.Tonight's supper is my quick and easy taco recipe. I'm working on putting together a website for one of my classes that features 'Mom's Home Cooking' and this is one of the feature items. I took step-by-step photos tonight for that site. Once it's up and running I'll post a link for anyone interested.

Two soft shell tacos hot, and ready to eat.The taco meat is rolled up here in two of the smaller size tortilla shells. We like to heat a cast iron pan and warm the tortillas prior to rolling them. It gives them just a bit of an extra toasty taste and heating them makes it easier to roll them without tearing the tortilla.

Yummy nachos, a quick fix for supper or a snack.A variation on using the taco meat in a different context is to spoon it over tortilla chips, add a bit of cheese and microwave for 40 seconds for the cheese to melt. Yummy! This option has a bit more salt because of the chips, but is a tasty, filling alternative. I love the combination of the crunch of the chip, the gooey cheese and the spicey taste of taco meat.

What's in my cupboard - spices view oneWhen putting my info for the website together it occurred to me to get some photos of what's in my cupboard. Here's shot number one. Notice my inclusion of this inexpensive plastic revolving tray. I used to struggle with getting to all my spices before I came up with this idea. Now, just a little spin of the tray reveals all my spice choices. There's less chance the spices will get stale and old, forgotten in the back of the cupboard when they are all visible.

What's in my cupboard - spices view twoHere's view two after spinning the rotating tray. There's a huge difference in accessing my spices now. And I find I don't make the mistake of buying duplicate spices because I didn't see them hiding in the back.

Okay, it's off to walk the dogs after supper now. We had rainy weather all morning and afternoon. Seems to have cleared up enough to get outdoors a while before I settle down to working on homework for my classes again.

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