Sunday, June 29, 2008

Out with the Old, In with the New

Out with the old, in with the new.This photo shows a brand new flower that just popped open today on my peony bush - alongside evidence of a spent flower from last week's rain storm. I thought the image was fitting for my blog since I am working on clearing clutter and re-organizing the studio. Out with the old, and in with the new.

I spent some time this afternoon finishing the last of my flower planting in the garden. I got the last of them planted then wanted to cool off. It got hot outside in the garden. It feels good to be done. I had several packages of flower and vegetable seeds that I planted as well. Most of the seeds are supposed to come up in about a week. I can't wait to see what takes hold and grows.

Finally got my flowers planted.These zinnias were starting to look a bit peaked and stressed since I didn't get them planted right away. A lot of watering and a few hours later they looked much better.

Zinnias up close.These are now housed in a very large outdoor pot by the patio. I still have lots of weeding to do by the patio. The bright daytime sun and warm weather limits how long I can stay outside - sunburn and all. Later in the evening I am bombarded by mosquitoes. The choice between the two? I'd take the sun and possible sunburn before the mosquitoes. The mosquito bites leave little red welts that stay for several days. I hate that itchy feeling.

4th of July spool basket.It is hard to believe it's going to be the month of July in a couple days. The year seems to be absolutely flying by. One small tribute for this 4th of July holiday sits in my Sewing Studio. A small flag finds a home in among my collection of old wooden thread spools. It is displayed on a shelf in my studio right now. A larger flag we use outdoors still needs to go up. I will get that flying in the morning. We usually don't go overboard for most holidays around here. A few simple things usually do just fine. I think we'll probably be celebrating at least a few hours of the weekend out on the boat with a little fishing. It seems funny, but add a little summer-time sun, a pleasant breeze, an afternoon out on the water -- yep, sounds like a good way to celebrate to me. I know we've still got some fireworks left over from last year, so it's likely we'll take those along. There are usually a lot of people shooting fireworks out over the lake each year. That means we get to enjoy sending off a few of our own, but also get the benefit of viewing fireworks from the others out by the lake also.

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