Thursday, June 12, 2008

Prairie Rose Buds

One of my favorite types of roses and also the North Dakota state flower: The Prairie RoseI've been blessed with a natural growing Prairie Rose Bush in our backyard. My husband and I have had debates on the merit of having this bush, especially in it's current location. At one point he tried to convince me we should get rid of it because it sends it's prickly branches across the walking path along the side of the lodge. I consented to allowing him to move it over a few feet from its original position. That bush is a sturdy thing. He only managed to transplant a second bush by digging it up by the roots in his attempt at relocating it. Obviously he didn't get all the original roots removed. Now it is two-three times the original size as it is more spread out than before. He just works on keeping a portion of it cut back now.

Yeah! I love that Prairie Rose. It is ideal for our state and our climate. It's such a hardy plant and has such pretty, delicate pink flowers.

We have had rain for awhile now and cool weather. The photo was taken yesterday after the rain; notice all the raindrops on the leaves. This year it sent forth many more buds than in previous years. I'm excited to see them all and hope to have a wonderful summer with Prairie Rose flowers making a great show.

I've been absent from posting very often because we are getting down to the wire with coming to the end of the semester with my on-line classes. It has taken up so much of my time I just haven't had the time or energy to post often. As it is I've already been up all night working on papers and such. I'm about to head off to bed for some sleep before I get up to continue with class assignments later this evening. Everything is over and done and needs to be posted for class by next Friday.

I cannot wait till next Saturday!! ;)

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