Saturday, June 21, 2008

Done with classes for the quarter

This photo is to symbolize my joy at being done with classes for the quarter. That means I can move on to working on some other things for awhile before I hit the books again. I'm happy and my sewing machine is happy!

First even planned is to spend some time with my husband in his boat fishing, then get back to organizing and straightening my sewing studio, combined with some much needed Sewing Therapy. That sewing therapy is going to seem like long anticipated relaxation. It'll be sewing retreat in my studio for the next several days! Yeah!

My hubby finished the deck and steps in the back - Yeah! The building inspector came today and it passed. Hubby planted some tomato plants in the garden and will put in some cucumbers tomorrow. My peonies have started blooming, the prairie roses took a beating in the thunderstorm that swept through here a few days ago. Life goes on, now I feel the relief of being able to enjoy it a bit better with no class requirements to stay up-to-date in.

I'm looking forward to working on my own website this summer. I've got to stay fresh and up to speed and continue to memorize the tags and other info while I wait for classes to start again in the fall. That will be another project to keep me busy.

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