Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Done with four

Staining the pickets/slats on the deck.I just finished submitting material for four of my six classes. Last day is Friday the 20th so I've got three more days to finish work on my HTML and Dreamweaver CS3 classes. I'm hopeful I'll be able to finish up with all my assignments. Don't know if that's too optimistic since I am a bit behind and need to do some catch-up on assignments for both those classes. I'm definitely going to give it a try. I checked and there were only a couple submissions of websites so far out of all the students in both classes so it doesn't look like I'm the only one being a slowpoke to get things posted.

Another view of the deck and steps.Right now I'm extremely tired from another late night writing papers. I got to bed this morning around 6:00am so feel like I'm really dragging right now. I may head off to bed for a couple hours sleep before I jump into this next round of marathon class work on my websites.

The steps are nearly finished.I've got to get some "in progress" pics of the deck and steps. There's been a lot of cutting and pounding wood since Pat got home from work today. I think I need to check it out.

Yep, the deck is coming along wonderfully! Pat is doing such a great job! He worked on putting up some of the pickets (pickets? is that just for fences? what is the name for those slats on a deck?) today and staining them. Just a few more pickets/slats to go.

Ginger loves her blue ball.While I was outside with the camera Ginger decided it was time to play ball for awhile. She's so good at hanging onto that ball it hurts my arm. She just loves a good tug-of-war. We played so much her tongue started to turn blue.

Look at that smile on Ginger's face!Guess it's time to bring her to PetCo and pick out another ball. This one seems to be disintegrating on us. It's been well used (and left out in the rain and snow)!

That sounds like a plan for later this weekend. We'll go ball shopping.

Two little dogs ready to go back indoors.The little dogs had fun watching -- and trying to stay out of Ginger's way. Talk about a danger of being mowed over! Poor little Sparky, for a moment of panic there he thought he was a goner. Then he saw his moment to skedaddle out of the way. What a look of panic, though. I wish I would have got that on film!

Sparky sticks out his tongue.Go ahead and stick your tongue out at me, Sparky. I still say it's not time to go in till I say it's time to go in.

Sugar's really a pampered housedog.Here's another one just waiting to get back indoors. I think we've certainly got two pampered HOUSEdogs on our hands. You'd think the backyard was the wilds of a new frontier the way these two coddled pups act. Com'n guys, let's stay outside! It was nice out today!

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