Friday, April 10, 2009

No Access to Hotmail

Uugghh!!! I'm so mad at myself for updating my Internet Explorer. For some stupid reason I thought, "Oh, an update. Let's see what improvements Microsoft has come up with". Stupid, STUPID, STUPID!!!!! There was absolutely nothing wrong with what I was currently doing with Internet Explorer or my Hotmail service. I didn't need anything more, or new, or different about any of it. And now I have lost access to my Hotmail account and emails and messages from friends and family, including photos and various other info I had been saving in some of my messages. It's all gone now because I no longer have access to my Hotmail account!

Apparently now, now with the improvements, I have the "privilege" of signing up for a new account and a new LiveID. It presently won't accept any input to establish a new account or a new LiveID and locks me out. I am stuck not being able to access my previous Hotmail account and get my email or start a new one!

I am so mad at myself for being dumb enough to try the update. I should have left well enough alone!!!

Okay, sorry to be ranting here on my blog about it, but I am just SO MAD!!

To all my friends and family, sorry, I am not trying to ignore you and your email messages, I just can't get to them. Hopefully you stop by my blog here from time-to-time and will see this message. Once I do get an email account re-established I'll need to give everyone else I know something more to do in updating my email info so they can contact me. Sorry Every One, more work for you coming your way!!

Meanwhile . . . my day really has been going well (up until later this evening when I made the aforementioned stupid decision). Our older son came home for the weekend. We had a great day of visiting and getting reacquainted. I'm still getting my rest in (one REALLY long nap late this afternoon) and healing and recovering from my hospital visit last weekend.

The dogs got a bath and a fun visit to the vet today. We fooled them into being excited to go outside by getting the leashes out. They thought they were going on a walk. Ginger was the one to be most disappointed that it was a visit to the vet and not a walk. I think they'll forgive us if we actually take them for a nice outdoor stroll tomorrow. The weather has been warmer (mid 40's) so we'll likely do that tomorrow. I'm hoping most of the water from the snow and ice has had a chance to run off the sidewalk by then. Don't want to have to go through baths again with them right away.

Okay, so I'm trying to calm down. I'll try my email again tomorrow and see if I can make any progress. Meanwhile . . . anyone want to leave any comments about other email servers besides Hotmail they would recommend? I'm ready to make a switch to another company, I'm so mad! If I have to start all over I might as well do it through someone else. I might even switch Internet Explorer to Firefox or something else, too. Any Suggestions or Comments?

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