Friday, March 21, 2008

Lots of work to do

I've still got a big job ahead of me sorting and purging in the sewing studio. I have to admit I've been stalling and have found plenty of other things that "need" to be done also -- like clear the clutter from my computer. Man, talk about a big job there! First I saved stuff I knew I would want onto a CD and thumb drive, then did a full restore to take it back to factory specs. I went to Office Depot and picked up a Photoshop Elements 6 & Premiere Elements 4 package. Once I get that installed I want to spend some time learning my way around the program. Hopefully I'll be able to post some photos of my progress in the studio soon. I took some before pics showing all the mess and clutter before I got started. Right now the room looks so large and open without all the extra "stuff". So large and inviting I hate to just fill it up with stuff I'll never get around to using. Definitely needs some sorting and purging!

There are still a number of programs I need to re-install onto my computer. I've got a publishing program I used on my previous XP computer. Now with Vista I'm not sure how it will function. Hopefully there's a patch for Vista on-line so it runs properly. When I was at Office Depot I saw the program was still being sold and there was no Vista version or update on the shelf. I hope that means a patch is available. It's the program I used previously to create my sewing patterns and write up sewing instruction sheets. I want to start doing that again and I really would rather avoid the expense of buying another publishing program.

Okay, it's off to get busy on some more projects.

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