Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Documenting Life with the Digital Camera

Lots of bugs sacrificed their lives on the grill of the truck recently.I recently drove four hours to help move some of my oldest son's things back home for him. He has relocated to another state so is further away from us at this time. Thankfully we will have the opportunity to see him later this summer for a visit. He'll have the opportunity to pick up some of his things we're storing for him now. Now that I'm in the "clearing clutter - get rid of the junk" phase of reorganizing my home for better living space I will look forward to the day the kids have taken all of their belongings with them to their new homes. Meanwhile, I've still got plenty of my own "stuff" to sort through. I'm told they get the packrat outlook on life from me. What? Really? Times, they are a changin!

So yeah, here's some documentation of the trip. It's kind of an "Ode to Bugs" and a fitting tribute to all the many insects who sacrificed their lives on the hood and grill of the truck. A huge number must have recently hatched as it seemed the sky was full of them. Don't you just love spring and summer? It's a bug's life.

Squirrel inquisitiveness.
Here's peek at who was watching me last week. This little squirrel was the one that stayed behind to keep an eye on me. It's brother (or sister?) wasn't having any of it. I found a few fat quarters and bought fabric to record my actions for this spring and summer.

One of our friendly neighborhood squirrelsYep, the same squirrel. Boy was it inquisitive as it stayed around to keep me in line.

Another view of one of the neighborhood squirrels.Yet again, another pic of the squirrel. It must be doing fairly well in our neighborhood. Look at that fat little belly it's got!

I chose hibiscus for two of the post in the front of the house.lWe've got a number of neighborhood squirrels that live around here. This is a photo of one of them as it watched me one afternoon dinking around in the yard.

My new plants in their pots on the front steps.I'm surprised it sat still long enough for me to send my dh into the house to fetch the camera then go back an get some new batteries so I could snap some photos of it. It's either a very curious young squirrel or very brave. It was about 3-4 feet away from me at the time. Just beyond my reach, but close.

Sugar checks things out.I noticed a number of squirrels living the carefree live a few days ago as they chased one another to and fro, up and down the sidewalks of our street.

Ginger doing what she does best - overseeing a job well done!Ginger found the perfect spot to oversee my spring planting of the front yard flowers. I put in a number of perennials to help cut back on yearly expenses with this home decor. Perennials are more expensive than the annuals, but given the fact they will survive to come back year after years makes them a wonderful value.

Sparky in his element - master of his domain.Sparky was in his element wandering around the front yard, going around all the walkways. He managed to mark territory in a wide perimeter area in the front before I put him back behind the backyard fence.

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