Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Upcoming Changes

I will be taking a new direction in my life soon. I will be directing my attention to building my small business. In a few weeks I will be moving on from my current place of employment to go it on my own. This is something I am looking forward to. I will also be devoting a large part of my time to refreshing and learning more info on building and designing websites. Changing my everyday activities around will be a bit of a change. Instead of reporting in at "work" I will be reporting in at "work at home". Things will be different for me -- I'm excited about the new changes.

On another subject -- I just received notification I am the newest member of Sisters On The Fly. I'm Sister #1129. It is a group of women (over a thousand strong) who love getting together to participate in small groups in outdoor activities like vintage trailer camping, fly fishing, horseback riding and "having more fun than anyone". These are all things I like to do in the summer - usually going out with my husband to local rivers and lakes for boating and fishing. We don't have a vintage trailer -- y e t ! I am hoping to locate one that I can refurbish later this summer.

Another group I have recently joined is MaryJanesFarm Farmgirl Sisterhood. I am now an official member - Farmgirl #520. This is a group of women who celebrate the farm life even if you don't own a farm. I'm a "farmgirl at heart" and fit right in with the easy-going, down home way of life. It's about simplifying, getting back to basics, and learning to live a more organic, self-sufficient healthful life.

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