Sunday, December 21, 2008

Preparations for Holidays

We've been busy the last couple days doing some final preparations for the holidays. Only one of our sons are able to come home for a visit. We're looking forward to the visit though it would be extra fun to have them both home. Today my dh and I re-arranged the furniture in the living room. In the process I finally got a chance to get some of that deep cleaning done that doesn't happen often enough. I have to say this furniture arrangement looks a lot better than what we previously had. I'm glad we took the time to do it. There's still some details I will take care of tomorrow. Stuff like hanging pictures and getting books and small stuff positioned and in place on shelves and various places. The change is really encouraging. This particular arrangement makes the room seem so much larger even though the same amount of furniture is in place. There's much better flow.

I've had my heart set on getting some more sewing done again. It seems to have been a long, long time since I just sat and sewed. It's been more than a week and a half at least. I also have some patterns and instructions I want to type up. Perhaps I'll have an opportunity to do some of that later tomorrow.

This week is Christmas week. Yeah!! Christmas is such a fun holiday. We get off early on Wednesday at 2:00 pm so I'll have a little extra time to do some last minute baking and prep work the day before the holiday. There's still some tidying up to do before our company arrives. Tomorrow will have to be laundry day also as that has been piling up and needs to be dealt with. It is adding up to be a busy week.

This afternoon my dh and I watched a few shows on the History channel about Christmas. It was interesting to hear so many different perspectives and theories of the origins of some Christmas beliefs and traditions as well as the historical and religious perspectives of the nativity and Christ's birth. All in all it's been a good afternoon.

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