Friday, November 7, 2008

Yay! We got snow!

We got our first snowfall of the year yesterday, officially nine inches where we are, and it's great! I just love the first big snow of the year. My dh took the day off, got up as usual and started clearing snow. He got to use the snowblower we purchased a couple years ago. With so little snow over the last couple years, this ended up being its first day of real use. He got our driveway and walks cleared and went on to help the neighbors get theirs done. A big job this morning, and he's pretty relaxed and worn out tonight.

I went to work. It was quiet. We were working on clearing up and organizing around the store along with some other things. Fewer customers because of the weather meant we had more time to get some of the mundane but necessary stuff taken care of.

Green CV pillows in the red roomI thought I'd share a photo taken in the red room. This room in our house is set up with most of my scrap booking supplies, my computer books and study materials, a drawing table and a place set up for the computer and printer when I wanted some extra quiet to study for my on-line classes. I decided I wanted a red room one year to spice things up a bit. I got a bit tired of the same old dreary neutral room colors.

So here's a photo of some pillows I made for work a couple years ago when the Pfaff Creative Vision was first released. The pillows were samples for a promotion we did at the time to show off the new machine. I love the bright, neon green, the ribbon accents on the lower pillow and the gold trim on the top one. I'm thinking these might end up in my Etsy shop one day soon. I'm not really using them, and need to make room. I've clearly got more stuff in this house than I need and think it's better to release some of it out into the world.

Painting supplies ready to goA friend at work invited me to oil paint with her. I managed to get my paints out of storage and gathered together. I haven't decided yet what I will paint. I'll look through some photos over the next few days and decide. We go to painting class on Tueday.

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