Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New to the Studio

My new dress form added to the Studio
I have a new visitor in the Studio. She's with me all the time, but remains quite to herself . . . quiet and reserved! I've been wanting a professional dress form for some time. Recently I took the plunge and invested in one. I am hoping to spend more time sewing garments in the future so hope to put her to good use this fall and winter. It remains to be seen how involved I become with garments. I'll keep you posted on any new adventures in that direction. I've got a couple top patterns and a pants pattern on my mind.

Meanwhile, I keep busy working on some quilting projects as well as a variety of machine embroidery projects. I'm made a few sample for use at a local quilt shop I work at. Lately I feel I've spent more time sewing  for shop purposes than for personal purposes. I need to complete a few more promised projects before I can move on with other things in my life. The other day I spent a bit of time "un-sewing" a quilt block. That's what I get for trying skipping ahead on a project rather than sticking exactly to written instructions. I have to admit I'd much rather "wing it" with my own designs and pattern ideas rather than following precisely someone else's pattern instructions. I get an idea into my head on "the way I would do it" and then have to go back and follow the written instructions so others making the same pattern my sample is for will get similar results. It's much more fun to just do things my way. But, alas ... if there's a pattern for the shop to sell, I guess the sample needs to follow it. Note to self: Don't be so eager to volunteer to make these samples! I'll admit I like the freedom to "do it my way!"

I happened upon someone's website by accident the other day (scrolling thru the web) about their cottage industry machine embroidery product offerings. It was a website with machine embroidery applique designs. The site boasted of 750 designs already created. I perused through a few design pages and came away with the notion that I could certainly create better quality machine embroidery designs than those. But when stopping to think it through, even though this person had very simplistic style designs that did not impress me a whole lot, he/she was obviously staying focused and producing designs to market. Could I do better? Yes, certainly. I have abilities that would enable me to create better quality, more inventive designs. Should I actively pursue this notion? It has been something I have considered more than once, but put off saying I wasn't "ready" yet. Perhaps it's time to develop my creative machine embroidery skills to set up my own commercial enterprise. Creating embroidery designs has been on the list of things I've considered doing before in the past. Perhaps the time is now. After all, I'm not getting any younger. I'll see about drawing up some sketches to digitize. I'll set it as a goal to post something within the next seven days. Would you mind giving me some feedback on this sort of project? Check back for progress on this project . . .