Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fun Tonight

Tonight is a night of fun and relaxation. I got done with work (long day) and am enjoying a relaxing evening watching "The Voice" with my husband while sporadically checking out things on-line.

I recently purchased a pattern created from the "Straight Stitch Society" (cool name - that intrigued me) so I went to their website tonight and checked out their offerings. Sure enough, the pattern I purchased "Feed the Animals" is there in all it's cheeky glory, along with a few other great selections. I'll be checking this site out for future offerings. Meanwhile, I have plans to finish some cute little zippered animals - since I purchased the pattern . . . and will keep my eyes open for more fun patterns. I'll keep you posted on results.

I've got the day off tomorrow, and plan to re-organize a closet downstairs. Yep, that means going to Lowe's or Menards and purchasing a closet organizing system. I want to get my garments organized on two racks (one up high, and one lower) in the the closet to make more room for seasonal clothes and accessories. It will be a busy day - or weekend - depending upon how long this organizational project takes to complete.

So . . . looking forward to an efficient and productive day tomorrow.

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