Sunday, April 28, 2013

3D Hot Texture Serger Pillow

Pillow and Quilt designed and created by Doreen Baros
I made up a pattern to use for a class I taught at the shop where I work. The title I came up with, 3D Hot Texture Serger Pillow, seems a little long to me. I am trying to come up with another one that fits better.

The pink center of the pillow is made up with Heat N Shrink material. It's a product in the Floriani line. For this particular pillow I actually used the Jenny Haskins Krinkle Magic product. It creates a 3D puffy, raised textural surface.

The pillow was made on my serger and incorporates rolled hems, the Coverlock stitch, and the 4-Thread Overlock stitch. I used the Belt Loop foot to create the tabs where the buttons are sewn in place as a visual accent.

I want to get a bit of feedback and make a few minor changes in the pattern before I have it printed up and make it available for sale on my website.

You might recognize the quilt it is sitting on from my previous post about another pattern I made up. I have received some reviews on that pattern and will be making a few additions and changes on it, too. Both these patterns will be available for purchase on my website soon.

Here are a few more photos of the pillow:

Serge each layer with your Coverlock Stitch.

Button accents are fun!

Love all the textural interest created with Krinkle Magic and lots of wonderful ruffles.

My new pattern to create this pillow will be available soon on my website.

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