Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Modern Quilt with Dresden Plates, Circles & Spokes

I taught a quilting class last week using my original pattern. I'll have this pattern available on my website soon. In the meantime, these are a few photos of my sample quilt in progress. Watch for an update with more details coming soon with a link to purchase the pattern.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Learning to be a Blog Boss

I signed up to attend Holly Becker's new "Blog Boss" e-course during the month of March. I've been wanting to get back into the habit of blogging as I used to do several years ago. This course is my inspiration and motivation to get back into the swing of things. I will be changing some things about my blog and website as the month moves along. I've got a few ideas of things to do differently. I'm sure there will be many good suggestions to incorporate into my blog that will be gleaned from this class.

If you'd like to watch my progress over this next month, just give a shout out that you're following. It would be fun to know what you think of any changes that take place, or changes you think should take place. It has been a pleasure searching through blogs belonging to others in this class over the past couple days. I'm trying to pay more attention to what it is I like about individual blogs.

On another topic . . . unfortunately I was not feeling well today: issues with my asthma, feeling nauseous and dizzy. I stayed home from work feeling out of sorts and worn out. I wonder if it might be some sort of inner ear thing as I've had clogged up right ear for some time. My recent trip to Las Vegas, at the end of February, had me feeling a bit better after getting off the plane when we arrived. I thought the air pressure changes while flying may have popped some inner air pocket loose or something (not sure how medically sound that idea is). Then it seemed the dry climate may have done me some good for a couple days change of pace. Now that I've been back for awhile I am feeling the same pressure in my right ear as before, sometimes more and sometimes less. I'm beginning to think it may be allergy related - perhaps to something I'm eating that I hadn't been when in Las Vegas, or something in the house. Anyway, I'm considering doing a fast for a bit to see if I can determine what might make a difference if it's food related. I've come to realize I need to stay away from milk. I had a bowl of cereal a week or two ago and within 10-20 minutes of finishing it my ears felt very ichy inside the ear canal. I haven't touched that carton of milk since . . . it's past it's buy-by-date now and needs to be tossed. I cleared out a few other milk-related items today - like sour cream and the cream cheese I like on my bagels. I might have to do some research on-line about allergies to milk and possible related items. A fast to break my eating cycles and determine a culprit is likely the best way to re-establish a healthier diet. I've been pretty lax on the fruits and veggies for some time, and too rich with the sugar and carbs.

The trip to Vegas was short, just a few days. It was essentially two wasted days of travel time and two days of seminars and training on new machine embroidery software. The training was good. I learned some things I had not known before. The new Floriani software is good . . . and seems fairly easy to learn. I need to practice more with it to become truly fluent in it. That will improve over time, with more time spent using the program.