Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time to Come Back to Blogging

I want to get back into my previous habit of blogging regularly. I have actually been thinking about starting up with logging again for a while now. It's time.

I have been keeping busy lately with working on some embroidery projects. Since I am working again at my local sewing machine dealership I am involved with teaching a few classes. One of my favorite teaching opportunities is our Jenny Haskins club that is based around two of her books. We are working through the books Jenny's Heritage and Sharman's Vintage Garden, both by Jenny Haskins. This means I am pretty involved with making up samples to use in class as I teach Jenny's techniques.

It is a good group of customers who have joined me in this embroidery club. I am enjoying it very much. As I have been going along in the book I am picking up good techniques and learning new things myself. My plan is to complete the large quilts displayed in both books, plus some other smaller projects this year.

Today was spent getting some prep work done on the base blocks for each quilt. These blocks will hold the embroidery designs that each quilt consists of. Tomorrow I'll see about getting some better shots of those blocks in progress. This photo in my post is an image of the blocks that make up the corners of the Jenny's Heritage quilt. Here I have a deep green color fabric stitching out in the hoop. This is the center block of my smaller quilt with nine blocks comprised of the basic four corner blocks of the quilt. I chose to do nine blocks instead of the four shown on Jenny's Peaches and Green quilt because I wanted it to be a bit larger for a lap quilt. This one is on hold a bit. I am waiting to purchase more fabric that I need for the sashing and borders. We are supposed to be getting more of it on order in the store. I may have to go with an alternate choice if it takes very much longer. I am anxious to hurry along and finish it so I can count it as done and get it out of the way. Patience . . . although my alternate fabric would probably look fine, I prefer the color I originally had in mind.

Anyway, I'll post more photos tomorrow and spend a bit of time re-accessing the sashing and border idea. Meanwhile, it's getting to be way past my bedtime. Good-night all!