Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Girl Can Dream

I enjoyed my day off from work today. It seems as if it went by too quickly. I accomplished some things I wanted to get done, but there are still others. I can see I will need to get more proficient in listing my goals for my days off and working more to fulfill them. I will have to get back to using lists to work on that.

Meanwhile, it was a great sunny day, and fairly pleasant weather outside. Whenever I walk the sidewalk from the driveway to the front door I pass by weeds growing in my front walkway area. They are getting so big, they are actually blooming flowers now. That's one more of those little things that needs to be done, that is yet left to be completed. My goal later this week is to get those weeds pulled before they go to seed! Actually I had been putting off any gardening tasks till it wasn't quite so muggy and hot outside. Thankfully the climate is more to my liking now with a bit of cooler weather.

I was thinking about dreams and hopes today. I have learned through past experience that it is a good thing to set your mind on hopes and dreams, to look forward to a future that holds a brighter, encouraging aspect to work toward, and to look forward to. I've long thought, and said to others, we can have anything in this world that we want if we just pace ourselves. For me this an encouraging way to set the stage for your future. It establishes a goal to work toward. It helps me to delineate what is important to you and cut through the haze of other nonsense that goes on in life. Sometimes it doesn't always mean that is the future you get. Sometimes dreams change and morph into other dreams and desires. That's okay. I'm the type of person who needs something to look forward to everyday. It is good for me to visualize my goals, dreams and hopes. How about you? Do you think the same way? Do you have a hope to look forward to, or a dream to work for?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Working Outside the Home

I'm back!!!

I have to say I am delighted to return back to my previous place of employment at J&R Vacuum and Sewing in Bismarck, ND. I have been missing in action over there for a little over two years now. Honestly, I've enjoyed every minute of being away while learning new info on web programming and designing . . . and I know I'll also enjoy every minute of being back. It has been fun this week to meet up with many of my previous customers and friends who I haven't seen in such a long time! I am just about ready to wrap up my first week of being back and have already met up with (and talked on the phone with) a number of great people.

That's one of the most enjoyable things about other sewing and machine embroidery enthusiasts . . . they're all such great people to be around. The enthusiasm for sewing and being creative is contagious. I've already got some ideas rolling around my brain regarding some new things I'd like to implement. Some of those ideas pertinent to this blog and my website will be showing up over the next several weeks.

My job at J&R is sales . . . sewing machines and embroidery software sales . . . along with all the other related products you'll find at a sewing machine dealership. They still carry the Pfaff line I am familiar with from my previous years of employment. I have truly grown to love the Pfaff machines and own a few of those. J&R has recently taken on the Brother line of sewing and embroidery machines. These are new to me, but seem to be very user friendly. I have been spending time during this first week back learning how the Brother machines function and some of their many wonderful features and benefits. I absolutely love the big 10-thread PR1000.  There are many new things for me to learn still as I get reacquainted with my way around the store and all these fun sewing and embroidery machines. If you are in the local area it will be fun to meet you. Feel free to stop on by to say "Hello" and welcome me back. I'd love to show you the new things I'm learning and doing there in the store.