Sunday, April 3, 2011

Show and Share on Flicker

I have been busy working on various projects for swaps on lately. This tote bag is one of those projects I sent away recently to one of my swap partners. The other day I decided to upload some of those photos of things I've made recently to my Flicker account. If you want to go take a look at those swap items you can follow this link.

I know I have been absent from this site and not posting much lately. Don't know quite why that is . . . just been staying busy and distracted I guess. Anyway, the link there at Flicker will show you a bit of the things I have been busy working on. There are others, just haven't posted images of all of them. I planned to add more photos as I go along. It just takes a bit of time to sit down and actually do that. Uploading photos takes more time than one might imagine.

So far I have been enjoying my swaps - both the making and sending, and also receiving mail from others from around the country. It's kind of fun to get stuff in the mail.

This past weekend has been a bit draining for me. I had a wisdom tooth removed on Friday, and have been drained of energy and sleeping quite a bit over the weekend. It is partly due to the pain pills that were prescribed following the oral surgery. Since I've been loopy and lazy the last several days it seems like time is passing so strangely. I've been in and out of sleep at odd times of day and night. It seems like I get to feeling better at times, then there are other times of achy soreness in my mouth/jaw that is irritating and distracting. Mainly I've been loafing around doing a bunch of nothing this weekend - feeling lethargic.

Last week, prior to the extraction of my wisdom tooth (the last one as the other three were removed years ago when I was younger), I was engaged in doing a major move of my scrapbooking and graphic art supplies. We got one of those sleep number beds to replace our traditional queen-sized bed. I had thought to move the queen-sized bed downstairs to one of the bedrooms in the basement, but we ran into trouble. The size of the mattress and box-spring was too large to fit down the basement stairs. So . . . we did a major upheaval of the Yellow Room where I did my scrapbooking and computer work. That room is now the new guest bedroom with the queen-sized bed relocated there . . . and all my scrapbooking and graphic art supplies are currently in a jumbled conglomeration from the move out of the Yellow Room and down to the basement.

Last week I had been working on re-painting my Sewing Studio and moved some of the furnishings around in the process of painting the walls. There is still a bit left to finish with that painting job. On top of that, there is a whole lot of other "stuff" to go through and sort now with dragging all my stuff down there. It is a major mess of disorganization down there right now. In a way I have been okay with this weekend's blissful ignoring of any responsibilities, due to the oral surgery, because I really wasn't looking forward to putting everything to order at this particular point in time. This moving/dumping of all my art stuff down there this week was an unexpected interruption to what I planned and anticipated to be a relatively easy and orderly repainting of my Sewing Studio. I thought I had an orderly and well thought out method to my redecorating. And it had been moving along smoothly . . . until we discovered our queen bed would be an issue. It was either just get rid of the bed, or rethink our room arrangements to make it fit. It is nice to have an extra bed should we ever need to make use of it to put someone up during a visit.

I have to say it has been nice to still sleep in the queen bed that I've been used to. . . in my Yellow Room now . . . as I laze around in a sleepy relaxed state of being from my medication. I've had to sleep propped up upon numerous pillows - to help to ease the swelling of my cheeks and upper jaw. I look and feel kind of like a silly puffy faced chipmunk ensconced among my pile of pillows. It has been a bit different to be waited upon by my caring and generous hubby who brings me warm soup and cold pudding. Soft foods have been so easy on the jawline. And I have to say my hubby has been great with helping me out. He does tend to be a stickler on making me follow ALL my discharge instructions - like gargling with salt water three times a day. I just try to think about salty potato chips so I don't gag. I did graduate to a bite of roast elk tonight for supper. It had been roasting in the oven nearly all day and was really pretty tender. But I ate a couple chunks of it then shared the remainder that was on my plate with the dogs so I could move on to my toast. I think I'll go for another cup of tomato soup before I head off to bed. I never thought soup could taste so good. That's been my mainstay now for the past several days - tastes wonderful when one is hungry! Yum . . . soup and pudding . . . a great combination . . . and toast!

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  1. What a good idea to put pics of your swaps on Flicker. I always dread putting photos on's not very user friendly and something always goes wrong. I think I may post on picture of the finished project in the actual post and then other detail pics on Flicker. Sorry to hear you're still a little out of it from your surgery. Rest up and get better soon!


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