Monday, April 11, 2011

Proofing the Cupcake Stamp

I took a few minutes to pull a proof of the cupcake stamp. It looks pretty good for a first view. I see lots of little bits of the block that still need to be cleaned up. And I am correct in assuming my letters look like Flintstones lettering. Too funny! Yep, lots of little places that need tweaking!

In a way I kind of like all the extra little markings. To me it says "hand carved" or "old fashioned rubber stamp" with those little black specs. but they won't stay. I want to carve the lines thinner and more smooth. And I will clean it up, too.

The day seemed to go by quickly. I've spent time on the computer today. That's an easy way for me to lose all track of time. I'm going to have to get my little egg timer back out again and try to be a bit more efficient in that department. I was going to do more work on the studio - moving stuff and maybe start in on some more painting work. But I decided to just make it a quick trip down there to get my ink and try to stay focused on my tasks . . . only to lose all track of time on the computer. But I feel I accomplished quite a bit so not a whole waste of time. For now it is getting late and I need to head off to bed. Just wanted to show I'm making a bit of progress . . . slow progress!


  1. I fall more and more in love of this stamp the more you use it!

  2. Hey, you're not signed up for that swap! Wouldn't it be funny if you DID sign up for it and ended up being the recipient of it? It is kind of cute, isn't it?!! I might have to make more that are similar to it so I can have one to keep.

  3. I think you did great -wish mine were as good!!


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