Monday, February 21, 2011

Gone to the Dogs - Back to Websites, Blogs & Other Goals

I know I've been absent from posting to my blogs for awhile, but here I am, back again. We just got back from a quick visit with my younger son. The weather was mighty cold, with a bit of blowing snow, when coming back home. But overall the roads were good. It was a good trip. I was glad I went along for the ride. At first my husband was talking about taking a drive up there by himself. Last time he did a trip I stayed home because someone had to take care of the dogs. But we decided to pack them along with us and make the four hour drive. I was especially glad to go along since it has been a while since we saw Josh at his place. It was kind of cold to get out and do much in his town, so we pretty much stayed at his place, relaxed and visited, and watched some shows on DVD.

This picture shows where Ginger hung out pretty much the entire time we were there - under the kitchen table. She had a yucky potty accident on Josh's rug shortly after we got there. Perhaps she stayed under the table because her tummy wasn't feeling well . . . perhaps it was because she was mad at us. We trimmed her toenails several hours after we were there - because it sounded like she was a tap dancer clicking on the hardwood floors whenever she walked or paced around. Her nails have been long for some time now. The last two times she was at the groomer she wouldn't cooperate with them with any nail trimming. She really fights it. So their policy is they don't do it if the dog puts up a lot of fight and gets worked up about it.

Josh got out his dog nail-clipper and my husband helped to hold her down to do the trimming. I was assigned to hold onto Lucy's collar and keep her from getting in the way during the process. And I also tried to help distract Ginger by talking to her - to calm her. She hates getting her toenails clipped. She was not in a good mood. She came through it well enough in the end. Maybe that table seemed like security to her. I've heard it said dogs were formerly cave-dwelling animals and like it better when they can duck underneath any type of covering that forms their "den" when they lay down.
Here's a picture of Lucy. She is Josh's dog. We thought she needed company (hee, hee). . . so we brought all three dogs with us. Actually, the choice of having our dogs come with, was so we wouldn't have to be in such a rush to get back home to tend to them. It was basically an overnight weekend trip, but the weather forcasts indicated we might be hit with a winter storm. We didn't know if we might end up staying an extra day due to snow. In many ways it didn't seem like it lasted long enough. But when spring starts showing up more on the prairie we'll have to plan another trip with nicer weather. Then we can take the opportunity to have more things to do while we are there.

By the way, please ignore the horrible quality of these photos. The camera I had been using got broken. I am trying to get accustomed to using one of my camera's I haven't used in a long time. It has got some really nice features on it and will likely end up being a great camera to use, but so far nearly every picture I have been taking is blurry from me moving the camera. It has an unfamiliar sequence to how it focuses the frame, analyses it then processes it before it is stored as a digital image. I am not in sync with it apparently and move it slightly while it is still processing the data. Aaarrrggg! Sorry for poor quality. I'll keep trying . . . it has to get better, right?

Here you can see Lucy has a brand new toy in her toy box. She came over to check what Sugar was doing there. When I let Sugar out of the kennel to walk around a bit, she went straight for Lucy's bed filled with chew toys. Sugar tried to grasp hold of one, but they were too big for her. She did manage to find a little tidbit of a rawhide chewy that I thought she was going to confiscate. But even that got left behind in the end. She went on to explore a bit more once she was out of the bed, but was slipping on the hardwood floors and seemed a bit disoriented so I put her back in the kennel. She's getting "older" faster these days, more frail, and doesn't keep her balance real well when she walks around. There are times it seems she must not be able to see very well, or hear well, either.
There you can see Sparky in the kennel chewing on his dog food. He's a much more timid little guy and seemed most comfortable in the kennel. The few times he ventured out was just when they were being corralled to go outside.

I have to say this bunch of dogs were kind of hard to corral off to the same place when it came to going outside. We had to walk down two short flights of stairs to get to the back door. There was a little landing with a pillow/cushion (mini dog bed?) sitting there. That's the spot Sparky bee-lined it to when he was coming and going. He seemed to want to claim that spot. I'm sure it was warmer sitting on that little bed than standing on the wood steps.

Then it didn't help that is was COLD (below zero) outside with the wind whipping around the corner. None of them seemed to want to go outside. I felt like I was herding a bunch of cats instead of dogs. You get one outside, then open the door (trying to hold it so the wind doesn't slam it against the side of the building) and another one is darting back inside. Yes, the next trip with the dogs (if there is one) will have to be when the weather is nicer.

Sugar is such a funny goofball. She doesn't have a bed like this and apparently it didn't occur to her to exit out from the lower side. She got hung up with her back legs on the side of the bed. I couldn't help but start laughing out loud at her crazy antics. She kept trying to get her front legs to try to pull her off the side, but they were too slippery on the floor to allow for an traction. Then she worked to scootch and try to propel her little body off the edge. Finally she ungraciously ended up dumping herself face first onto the floor. Yes, she was a bit disoriented from her exertions and walked in a couple circles before she tottered off to explore a bit more. It wasn't too much further I just picked her up and put her back in the kennel. She acted so lost . . . maybe she was if she cannot see too well.

And here is little Sparky. He certainly had his eye on all the activities there at my son's house. It's an open floor plan - which is different from our house. Here at home they stay pretty much in the kitchen most all the time. From his vantage point where we set up the kennel, Sparky could watch all the moves we made nearly everywhere in the apartment. It was kind of funny. He didn't really want to come out when the kennel door was left open, but he sure was attentive and kept an eye on things.

Now that we are back home today I started in with working toward some of those 101 Goals in 1001 Days. Part of that goal is to revamp my blogs and websites and to be more active in posting, listing some products to sell, and achieve steps neccessary toward getting my small business up and running. Earlier today I worked on moving some things around in the weight room downstairs. I got some the the stuff that accumulated there moved out of the way so I could get a start on walking on my treadmill. I cleared the area for access to the weight benches and free-weights. Plus I'm working on laundry while I was down there. Tonight's plans include getting back down there to do more laundry, then to continue working on cutting up fabric to prep it for more quilts. A little here, a little there, and those goals will start showing results. I posted some updates to some of those listed so there is some progress being made.


  1. Sparky is so so adorable! Looks like my late Coco:(

    provadia on swapbot

  2. What a gorgeous fur-family you have. I'm a mother to a mixed race fur-family myself (cats and dogs). :)

    It's Scamp from Swapbot here, following you through the Blog Followers #2 swap.

  3. Eek! You have lovely dogs!!!!! I wish i had a little puppy! Takes a lot of care though lol, and i never have time i owkr all day lol!!! Oh Im following you on my twitter!! My other one doesnt work for some reason TT^TT! Ichigoshortcake from swapbot! xxxxx

  4. such cute dogs! Mine does not like to have her nails clipped either!
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  5. Thanks for stopping by to see my blog. I plan to do some blog explorations later tonight. For now, though . . . got to go sew!

  6. Oh they are so cute. I have a blog for my dog Oskar at Dogs make a home so much homier, don't they. Well when they aren't annoying the heck out of us, lol!

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  7. Hello! This is TheArtistChick from swap bot. What cute doggies! I am now following your blog and I will enjoy catching up with your posts!


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