Saturday, February 5, 2011

101 Goals in 1001 Days

This clock is a signal it's time to get serious about setting and achieving goals. I didn't really set any New Years Resolution type goals this year, but have had a number of things on my mind that I "ought to do" for quite a while. I have probably mentioned a few of them here on my blog at one point or another.

Recently I've come across others who have been writing down their goals and making an effort to work on them each week in order to accomplish them. This seems like a sensible idea. Since I'm one who tends to think I'll "do something" at some point in the future, or that I "ought to do" a certain thing or other at some point . . .  you can see where I'm going with this. It's time to get more serious about goal setting. Write them down . . . review them on a routine basis to remind myself . . .  check them off . . . get them accomplished.

In response to this whole idea I took some time tonight to lay out a few ideas via a web page here on one of my websites. This is just a preliminary list. It's is not complete since it doesn't add up to the 101 items suggested at the websites that advocate this type of organization. Check out this site or this one if you want to look more into doing something along this line for yourself. It could be just the thing to lead me (and you!) on to bigger and better things. You can do a google search also and find lots of ideas from lists made by others.

So, here's to writing down your goals and getting serious about addressing them!


  1. I so much need to do this....ideas time frames and then all forgotten and distracted.
    Glad i found your blog through SB....very interesting and must follow. So here I am a new follower and a fan of your wonderful blogs.

    Cheers!! (Chinnu from SB)

  2. WOW! that's a challenge! i'm lucky i'm able to stick to my craft a day challenge on my own blog! best wishes! leecytx from swap-bot


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