Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Playing with Photoshop and Other Gadgets

I played with photoshop earlier this week, and again tonight, to make up some badges advertising my new blogs. Here's a pic of the link to my scrapbooking blog. Pretty exciting to start working on some pages for my mini Christmas album. If you're interested in scrapbooking, and want to see how I am progressing with this hobby, click on the badge in the sidebar and go take a peek.

Just now, looking at this one from a fresh perspective . . . I'm thinking I ought to increase the size of the text here. This one may be photoshopped some more in the near future. That lettering is looking kind of puny to me.

This is my new badge for my doodling and drawing blog. I wanted to get more into hobbies that I can partake in while watching tv with my hubby. The act of drawing is something I can do that doesn't involve a noisy sewing machine, a noisy cricket or other gadgets. There's a time for gadgets . . . after all, I'm a "gadget girl" . . . but there are also times for doing things by hand - the old fashioned way. I love finding out about new gadgets that make hobbies (and life) easier. But when it comes to just relaxing and watching tv in the evenings with my hubby, I want to keep in mine that "relax" is the principle word. Sometimes that means doing things by hand one stitch, or one pen mark, at a time.

It has been a little while since I did some playing around with my Photoshop program. It gets easier the more I do it. Actions necessary to get the program to do the things I want it to do are easier to pull from my memory banks when I keep at it. This photoshop program is the "baby" one - Photoshop Elements 6 - not the full-fledged program. It would be fun to have the big master program, but for the present time I am doing just fine with this one. Some day when I've got lots of money burning a hole in my pocket I might think about upgrading. For now this works for my needs. They do have an updated version of this Elements program.
But even getting that update can wait for another day. I think I spend so much of my time doing so many different things it doesn't make sense to spend money getting an upgrade when I wouldn't use the program on a routine basis. When the time comes that I do more digital scrapbooking, digital drawing or altering digital photography more I'll give it further consideration. Splitting my time right now between so many different things keeps me moving between many machines and software programs. Currently my time is spent between sewing, quilting, machine embroidery, computing, building websites, and now scrapbooking and drawing. See what I mean about liking gadgets? I have gadgets, machines and programs for all these activities. I just love to learn new things . . . and learn to use new gadgets.

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