Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow Games and Warming Up with Hot Tea

I went outside yesterday to take some photos of the new layer of snow we received. The day before, on Monday, I wanted to go out and get photos of the lovely frost on the trees. I missed my chance because the sun melted off the frost before I went outdoors. Thankfully we got the same fluffy frost the next day, on Tuesday. I hopped on the opportunity to get outside and snap some digital photos. This shot looks kind of misty and foggy. It wasn't really like that. It's an illusion caused by the moisture built up in the camera before it equalized to the outdoor level. Ooooooh, it's eerie . . . ghosts in the garden.

I like the way the dogs, and maybe the rabbit, have created trails around my raised garden beds. It made me smile. When I look at it the thought that comes to mind is a snow game we used to play as kids. We called it Fox and Geese. The way you play is to run through the snow to trample down a circular path. Then trample down the snow across the center of the circle in the shape of a big cross. The whole thing kind of looks like a wheel with four spokes. One person is the fox who has to chase, and tag, the others who are the geese. All players must stay in the trampled down paths or you're out of bounds. When a player is tagged, that player becomes the fox. It was a fun game for playing outdoors on a snowy winter day. Hehehe . . . looks like the dogs enjoy playing it, too!

Here's a view of the garden swing and our stacked patio chair frames. We tucked them up under the lilacs to get them out of the way, and to offer some protections under the limbs of those bushes. I see there is a trail leading under the chairs. I believe those are the tracks from our neighborhood rabbit. It seems to have its preferred paths to make the rounds of our yard and other areas of the neighborhood. By the way, it finished off the remainder of the parsley and other garden vegetation a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure what it finds to eat through the winter, but likely gnaws on bushes and other underbrush. I'd throw some kitchen scraps outside for it (ends of carrots and apples), but I really don't want to encourage it or make it more able to breed and produce more rabbits in the spring. It took out too many of the garden plants that I would have preferred keeping for us.

Ginger was excited to go outdoors with me. Here you see she's checking out where I've been with the car. I'm sure there are lots of areas to sniff out front. We don't usually let her wander there. She's got all the free reign she wants in the back where it is fenced. She was funny . . . got to the sidewalk edge and plunged her snout into a deep snowbank surrounding the trees on the boulevard. She walked around with snow on her face, then when we came inside, had melted snow - turned to water droplets - on her face. She makes me laugh. Apparently it doesn't faze her in the least! She would rather spend time outdoors, regardless of the cold, so she can go around exploring and tracking down all those intriguing scents.

And yes, the car is plugged in. For those of you who might be reading here, but do not live in a cold, northern climate . . . we have to plug in our vehicles in the winter-time. No it's nothing to do with electric cars, it's to power the block heater so on those really cold days your car will start. We certainly don't want our engine blocks frozen up or cracking on us. At the time I got my car they weren't selling the car starters with them. By the time I ever considered I might want a car starter I figured I was already going out in the icy cold to start my car and let it idle enough to warm the engine for driving. Now all these many years later I still don't have one. I figure it's an older car now, so what's the point of putting an engine starter in now. I'm used to going out there 4-5 minutes prior to taking off in it to let it warm up. Next car though will definitely have one on it as long as we're staying here in North Dakota. My friend even has seat warmers in her vehicle, and they keep theirs in a garage, not out in the open like we do. Now that's luxury!

I love the look of all this frost on the trees. This is a close-up of the lilac bush. It was so beautiful the way the sunlight came streaming through the branches. It's too bad photos don't reveal the true, awesome 3-D beauty of seeing it in person. It was a sparkly, glittery wonderland!

Another view of the swing through the lilac branches. So peaceful . . .

When I came back inside I couldn't see a thing. I experienced immediate fogging of my glasses.

Here's some of my stash of cold weather drink choices. I have them handy - sitting on top of the microwave. They'll likely go back into the cupboard soon. I filled my pottery containers with a bunch of tea flavors. See them peeking out from behind the boxes? One says tea, the other says coffee. I like to keep them stocked during winter weather.

This is one of my favorite activities when it is cold outside, and sometimes chilly in the house. Yum! I love a nice warm cup of tea. Lately I've been warming up with those fruit flavored teas. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy iced teas, but sometimes a warm cup hits the spot better. And actually, right now I have a cup of each on my desk as I'm blogging. A touch of the iced when those 'personal summers' present themselves, and a cup of the warm version when I feel a chill. Warm makes me sleepy, so can only do so much of that. After all, I've got to stay awake so I can get some stuff done.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of the snow. We don't usually get a lot of snow her in Western Washington. But a couple of years ago, we had over 20" of accumulated snow. It seems to last forever before it melted. LOL


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