Saturday, December 18, 2010

Got Oranges?

I had a craving for oranges to go along with my tea today. They were yummy! Have you had your vitamin C yet today? Have to admit I've strayed from taking daily vitamins. No reason, just have been neglecting to do that. My body must have been telling me, "Eat more fresh fruit!" We did enchiladas last night for supper. Hadn't made those for a while. Mmmmm . . . good! I ate some for lunch, too. Still have one left for a snack later tonight if I stay up to work on stuff. It's likely I will, I've been staying up late into the night working on various projects. Some of these projects need to get done within the next few days to make it in time for some body's Christmas. Not telling, but if they're reading this, I think they know already what's coming to them. The view you're seeing on my computer screen is from Lucy Knisley's site - a photo of her studio work area in her apartment. Here's a link to her on-line journal. I just love to look at photos of other people's studios and work spaces. To me it's fun to see what others place around their environment where they spend time being creative. It's also fun to see what inspires artists and creative types. That must be why I enjoy reading blogs. It's fun to glimpse a peek of their world from time to time.

I took some time for photos and to make a post about my December Daily progress. This is an image of one of my recent pages I posted about here , along with the snowflake paper punch I used on this page. I found blogger has changed the parameters for posting photos here on the blogs. It used to be you could go back after post some photos and add more later after uploading those. Now when I try to do that the program doesn't work the same way. I think I could publish the post then go back and edit it and add more photos, but am not really sure as I didn't try that. The improvement is better in some ways, but not in others. I had wanted to upload this photo showing the snowflake paper punch, but it would have meant starting again all over with the post or trying to work it as a edit after publishing. What a headache. This is like the third time I've run into this issue with the new blogger change. Kind of irritating since it looks like I have a tendency to do this same thing over again. And you may, or may not, have noticed I no longer am putting photo tags that show up when hovering over the photos. That's something they taught us we should do when I took those web design classes. Getting lazy with it I guess.

This is progress on one soon-to-be Christmas gift for someone. I will blog more about it later . . . after the 25th. It's coming along well. The thing should be done in time unless something drastic happens between now and next Tuesday. That's my final deadline to have it finished and wrapped so it can be hand delivered to the recipient.

And here is the progress of some hand work (yes, that's two four letter words - hand work!) that is showing progress. Doing this part by hand gives me an opportunity to sit back and kind of relax. The only problem I've encountered is I tend to do this later in the evening when my eyes are protesting. They seem to be telling me to let it go and do it another time - they must be tired and lose focus - or I need stronger glasses!

Well, I guess I cannot say too much more than this, or the whole surprise of the gift will be thrown out the window. So until a later date . . . Oh, and if you are a member of the 'Quilt Police' please avert your eyes. Sorry I don't pay bribes!  Just asking for leniency as I already know the quilting on this is not perfect. Just look at all those jerky, un-even quilting lines. LOL! It is what it is, though . . . a gift meant to be given with all my best intentions!

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