Sunday, November 14, 2010

Postcards Ready to Pop in the Mail

Yay! They're finally done! Here is a peek at all five postcards together. They will be dropped off at the post office in the morning . . . it's too late for them to be processed tonight. So glad to be finished. Hope all the recipients like the one they end up getting.

I wanted each one of these images to have its own distinct appearance. They do, yet I can see similarities in them as well. Doing this project has brought me back to painting again. It has been a lot of fun to try this activity again. Many, many years have passed since I last worked at painting. I can see I need to practice more . . . and I need to pick up a few more colors of paint as well. I could have used a few other colors to create these faces. It would have helped with some of the color mixes and the shading. But considering the number of colors I currently have on hand, I don't think I did too badly.

After standing back and looking over all of these I have to say I'm okay with them. I was a bit bent out of shape by one of yesterday's images, but have settled down since then. I really need to paint alot more to get better at faces, and work from some photos to help with the shadows and reflected light. These are more cartoonish than portrait like even though I tried to get some shading in so they wouldn't look flat. I want to keep working at it so I can get back to a more realistic portrait style like I used to do. I'll have to dig out those canvases I tucked back away in the closet.

Here's a look at the final postcard. I won't say which one I like the most, but I do have a favorite. Like I posted yesterday, they will mixed them up and I will randomly pick which card is sent to each of the swap participants.

Another thing I realized doing this is how much I've missed doing arty stuff just for fun, and as a challenge. I flipped back through some things I did earlier this year with Terri Stegmiller's Creative Cue. I only did two of those. Been thinking I should jump back into that and do some more of those, especially since the year will be coming to a close before we know it. I'll have to get over there and check it out, see what her current word is. Anyway, hope you've enjoyed watching my progress on this project. More arty stuff to come in the future.


  1. Terrific cards, can hardly wait to receive mine. Wish I could draw ... ah sigh! Sandy C


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