Thursday, November 11, 2010

Look What Is On My Drawing Table

Here is a peek at what is currently on my drawing table. I am working on another postcard swap. I should have put these in the mail by the 9th - I'm late. But I anticipate finishing them up tomorrow. They need a bit more detail work and have their back side stitched in place before I give them up. There is no mail delivery because of Veteran's Day tomorrow, so they will just be sitting in a bin at the post office when I do finish them and post them. "Sorry" to my recipients, if you're reading this. So sorry I am late with them. Soon, very soon your postcard will be in your hands! I hope you like this version that I came up with.

The assignment for this postcard swap was under the theme: Game Day. I kept thinking about pawns --as in the game of chess-- ever since the election and the previous months of politicking, speeches, advertising and news coverage that has been going on here in the US. It seems to me that we, the people of this country, get short shrift from leaders who make poor decisions and choices on our behalf. I was thinking about the similarity to chess where your pawns are expendable in favor of those game tokens with higher rank - anyway, that is what has been on my mind. Originally, I thought of doing something with domino images since we like to play Chicken Dominoes, but this image of the chess pawn kept coming to the fore front of my mind the most.

The way I made the postcards was to stitch together scraps of fabric and over stitch them with extra decorative stitching on my sewing machine first. I had in mind that there would be an underlying stitched pattern beneath the painted image. This was intended to reinforce the idea that there's more, at a deeper level, than meets the eye . . . more going on behind the scenes that affects us 'pawns' - the common everyday people of America.

After the background stitching I started the under painting with acrylics. First a base of paint across the whole background to cover over the stitching while not entirely obscuring it. Then I sketched in some of the basic image, blocking in the main components with pencil. Then I moved on to using some permanent markers, which showed up better and were not prone to smearing like the lead from the pencil, to lay in the basic features of the face. Next came the painting to create the faces and expressions. They still need detail, and also some shading on the pawns to give them dimension, highlights and shadows. I've been working on these a bit, off and on, but have been sidetracked with other stuff lately. That's why they're not finished yet and off my desk.

We got snow today. It wasn't a whole lot for us. The storm that came through North Dakota was more west and north of us. Yay! We got bypassed for the most part. And I heard it was supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow again, so the snow that fell today will melt by tomorrow. This is the second snowfall so far this fall. This photo is a view out the back door at our patio.

We covered the boat for the winter season and put all the patio chairs and table, the cushions, flower pots and various other garden things away in the sheds for storage.It looks so much larger and open now that it is empty. But it will make life easier for my hubby when he goes out there to snow-blow when the big snows hit this winter. We have to keep moving the snow back from the house so the dogs can get out there to do their business. Ginger, our bigger hunting dog, is more adventurous about going further out in the yard and exploring when the heavy snow is on the ground. But the chihuahuas will only go as far as the bottom of the stairs if the way is not cleared of snow for them. Plus, it melts so much nicer away from the house and the water run-off in the spring isn't such a mess when the snow is blown further back.

Notice my big planter box? My hubby built this raised bed planter for me this past spring for herbs, tomatoes, onions and the like. You can see a bit of some of the herbs still there. It looks like our backyard neighborhood rabbit was sitting there nibbling on parsley the other day.

I cut some of the herbs and hung them to dry on my laundry drying rack. I believe they are sufficiently dried now so that I can put them in zip-lock baggies and crush them. I need to go out shopping to get more zippy bags. We used the last of them the other day sending sandwiches with hubby for lunch and snack breaks at work. It won't hurt the herbs to hang there another day or two while I finish up painting my postcards tomorrow. After all, I've been side-tracked enough . . . first things first tomorrow is to get those postcards done.

This large pot of soup is one of those things that side-tracked me today. I've been meaning to make up another pot of this Potato Chowder. I ran around and got all my errands accomplished this morning, and when I saw the snow start falling after lunch I decided supper today would be soup. And it sure was tasty! There is plenty left for lunch tomorrow . . . so that means I can paint and not get involved with cooking anything till tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to another great day with art in the morning!


  1. Holy Cow girl...I didnt know you had a blog. All this time I could have been reading it. I need to update mine. I have neglected it.
    Glad I know about this!
    Have a great day. Everyone loved my Little Girl!
    Thank you again

  2. Oooh, those cards are spectacular! You take all the time you need. Mine pale by comparison.

  3. Oooh what fun! Comments! Just checked in for a short peek. I've been lazy today - slept in, then spent time on the computer, putzing around letting dogs out and in, snacking on that tasty soup, spending time in my Yellow Room (where my drawing table and computer are located), etc. Thanks everyone for stopping by to see my blog! I appreciate the encouragement. Now, on to finalize those postcards! Will post an update shortly.


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