Friday, November 12, 2010

Postcard Progress Update

I have been busy painting more on these fabric postcards. I finished this one the other day. I think it turned out pretty well. Not quite what I envisioned, but I am happy with it. I wanted to incorporate alot of color in the piece and feel I achieved that.

After finishing this one I completed the reverse side of the postcards. The back sides will be the same for all five of the cards. It is created on my computer and printed out on heavy weight cardstock. I incorporated a photo of the pawn - cropped to show just the gamepiece - as a feature on the backside. Once I get all the painting completed I will take them downstairs to my sewing studio and stitch the fronts to the backs.

I decided I will write the addresses on the backsides then turn them all upside-down and shuffle them. Then blindly pick a front and back to stitch together and each participant will randomly get one of the paintings. I figure it is too much trouble to pick and chose who would get which specific painted image. So far there are some things I like and don't like about each one. Random selection seems the best way to go. There were only four of us in this round of postcard swaps. I planned to keep one of these for myself, so that means I will have one extra. I've been considering to whom I will send it. Hmmm . . .

Here's the second one that I was working on last night before I went to bed. Honestly, I expected to be done with these a lot more quickly. I really am a slow-poke. Thinking I was putzing too much on them, I decided to move on to work more on the other three. I'm not sure if I will call this one done yet. It can pass for done. But once I stepped back from it and studied it with a more critical eye, I see several things I would like to change. Time will tell if I decide to paint over part of it and rework it. Since I'm already past the deadline on getting these mailed, I likely will let it go and just call it done. I'm not sure how I feel about releasing something, which I am not entirely pleased with, out into the universe. What do you think? How do those of you involved in the creative process handle something like that? Have you worked it out somehow where you've reached a comfort level that says it is okay to give someone something you might not be entirely pleased with? Just curious.

I goofed! I am currently taking a break waiting for my postcards to dry - and get started with making supper. In the process of working on these cards today I grabbed a black ink pen to draw in some details. I didn't realize it till I started painting again that the pen I grabbed was not a permanent ink pen. Here I was painting away, floating in some additional color, and noticed my black ink from the pen was streaking and smearing. Yuck! I touched up what I could before it could dry, then went in search of my spray fixative.

My hubby came walking in here not too long ago telling me, "I'm getting high over here!" Me, too! I took the cards outdoors to spray them. However it was too cold out there to stay out for long, so I brought them back in while still damp. That's some stinky spray! And my asthma started kicking in gear with a reaction tightening up my bronchials. Thankfully most of it has either dried of evaporated now - it's much better in here now. Thank God for modern medicine and pharmacy products that help with asthma! Aahhh . . . I could make a comment about 'suffering for my art' but won't go there - just kidding! And let's not have anyone calling the EPA with anonymous tips on me creating a hazardous work environment!  :)

Here's a closer look at those on the left.

Here's to hoping my next blog post will have me reporting these postcards have been dropped into the mailbox!

And here is a closer look at those on the right side. Still a ways to go before I can call them finished.

Okay, so there they are . . . still not ready to mail out, and the day is really getting away from me. I'm currently eating supper (chicken, chicken and brocolli Rice-a-Roni, and sweet corn) Yummy!!! I will be back to painting in just a few moments.

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