Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cold Tracks and Dry Leaves

The plant at the top of this image is my bay tree. I purchased the bay tree at our local garden center. The tag attached to it indicated this plant was not a good choice for our growing region. I have misplaced the original tag, but an on-line source says these plants are for zone 8-10 . . . we are zone 4. Big difference, huh? Makes one wonder why they were selling it here. I left it in its original clay pot - just sunk the pot and all at ground level outside in my raised bed garden area by the patio. I planned on bringing it indoors for the winter. I have hopes it will survive in the house till it is nice enough to move back outdoors early next summer. The leaves have really dried up. I gave it a good watering when I brought it in. And have watered it a couple times again. I am wondering if I should switch out the clay pot for something else, something that is not quite so porous. It seems to continue to be drying up. Then it occurred to me this plant may lose its leaves in the winter like most other trees. Might have to do a bit of research to find out more info. Actually about half the branches and leaves have greened up nicely and become supple again. If the rest of it doesn't respond better in a few days I may give it a little trim job.

The plant at the bottom is my Christmas cactus. This lovely plant was a gift from my daughter-in-law. It came to me filled with blossoms in bloom. Over the past year it has done well. I look forward to it blooming again. Don't know if I am supposed to do anything special with it to make it bloom again, though. Will wait and see what it does.

I looked out the kitchen window into the backyard this morning to see these animal tracks. Those going back on the left side are from our dogs. Those in the raised bed planter are from our backyard rabbit. It seems to enjoy nibbling the last of the frozen parsley. That's pretty much all that's left of any green plants out there.

Funny, you don't notice the screen so much when you're looking out through the window in person. It's really rather distracting in the photo - darkens the whole view.

After checking out the backyard animal trails, I thought I'd take a look at the front yard. That rabbit (or it's relative?) sure gets around pretty well. Here's the view of animal tracks in the front of the house. I don't think there's anything edible for it out front . . . just passing through.

Looks like we only got a couple inches. Not so bad. I heard a guesstimate of 6-8 inches the day before. Not a problem to get less! It turned out to be pretty cold out there, though.


  1. When I was reading about gardening this summer they said to never use clay pots because they steal water from the soil because they are so porus although I don't remember what they said to do if you have those I think something with styrofoam but I could be wrong!

  2. p.s I've never gotten my cacti to bloom more than the first year when I but them. My grandmother's blooms every Christmas with the most beautiful blooms and sometimes twice a year. Some say to put them in a closet for months on end but i like to leave mine out all the time...even if it doesn't have any blooms :)

  3. Thanks for commenting, Samantha. It seems I recall reading, or hearing, something about giving the cactus a cool, dark spot for awhile - that forces them to bloom - replicates something in nature. I need to research, I guess. Yes, I heard clay pots are really porous. Heard that was good so oxygen gets to the roots better and mold isn't as likely to kill the plant, but you then have to water more often. I'm trying to figure out that balance now that it's winter, the heat is on, and it's dryer in the house. {smile} Hope I help it survive the winter, not harm it ;)


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