Friday, October 22, 2010

Peek a Boo! See, I'm Back!

Hello again. I'm finally getting back to posting here at my blog. {Smile} Sorry to leave you hanging, but I've been doing all kinds of things, and enjoying the wonderful fall weather we are experiencing this year. My hubby and I have been getting in some boating and fishing. Had to do it a few times - get out and enjoy the balmy fall season. It was so peaceful out at Governor's Bay on Lake Sakakawea.

Here we are about to back the boat down the ramp into the water. It was peaceful, smooth water most of the day. Just a slight breeze. The water was higher than it had been last year and also earlier this year when we were out here. You can see the tops of the trees a little ways off to the left of the dock. Those were all well above the waterline last year. There is a buoy set out near these trees that we had to maneuver around last year to get out more onto the open, deeper water of lake.

It was fun to be serenaded by these wild Canadian geese that flew in and gently glided down to the water. We slowly took the boat to circle around near them so I could try for some better close-up photos. They kept a close watch on us, but we were never that close to disturb them. So they settled down for a mid afternoon snooze and a rest while we continued fishing.

We got several bites on our lines, and caught some fish each day we were out on the lake. But we decided to throw them back. We were hoping for some Salmon or Walleye, but ended up catching Northerns and Perch. No matter . . . it was mainly just an escape to the outdoors anyway. Our main goal was to get out and enjoy the days we spent out on the lake before the cold and the snow set in. Looks like that might happen here in the next week.

Spending several weekends out at the lake was a wonderful way to finish out the summer and fall seasons. Now that it is dipping at or near freezing temperatures, we have started tucking aways the patio furniture, various flower pots, pulling up dried foliage and other things to prepare the yard for winter. The first batch of leaves has been bagged. Fall is in full swing.