Friday, September 17, 2010

Cats On Broadway

I've been working on creating some fabric postcards depicting the 'Cats' production for a swap entitled 'On Broadway'This is an image showing something I have been working on for awhile. It's been kind of hit-and-miss since I got sick and wasn't feeling well recently. I'm late in getting these finished and sent off in the mail.

I researched images on-line for my postcards.I like to do research before I begin a project to prepare myself. I spent some time on-line when I originally decided on my subject. I went to various websites trying to find good, up-close images of the actors who played the parts of all the cats. I have not seen the show, and don't really know all the details of the storyline. But I enjoyed watching the news and interviews of the participants when this production first made all the talk-show circuits. Years ago I remember thinking the costumes were so inventive and interesting.

Here's an overview of the progress on my cards. Still more work to do before I can drop them in the mail. I stitched the pink and black background fabric together with decorative stitches. They were corner scraps left from another project. I made hand-drawn faces on fabric using colored pencil. The fabric was ironed to a piece of freezer paper to hold it steady as I drew. I enjoyed this process as drawing and doodling is a fun pastime for me. I had to stop periodically to re-heat the fabric . . . both to heat set the color a bit and to re-adhere the fabric as it came loose from the freezer paper during the drawing process. The faces are then spritzed with a fixative to maintain the color better, then will be cut out and stitched to the postcard. I like to use Roxanne's Glue Baste-It to hold little fabric pieces in place prior to doing the stitching.

And here is a shot showing a closer view of the detail. (If you want to click onto any of these photos you will see a larger image, then click your back arrow to return back to this blog). Once I get all the faces applied to the postcards, I will do some stitching called 'thread painting' on my sewing machine. This is a creative way to add detail and texture. It is done by dropping the feed-dogs and free-motion stitching to create the sewn details. This will be mainly using black thread, and a bit of a couple other colored threads for accents.

I have already digitized the 'Cats' logo using my computer digitizing program. The design is on the Pfaff memory stick already (see previous photo, top left). It should go quickly to embroider the logo in place in the corner of the postcards. Then it's just a matter of stitching the back side of the postcard in place, addressing, write a message, apply postage and drop them in the mailbox. Yep . . . a bit more work to do in order to get these postcards sent on their way. (Please bear with me, fellow postal artists! I apologize for being late with mine . . . soon, very soon!)

I've already received my postcards from the other four participants. Aren't they nice? It is so interesting to see what everyone comes up with. There are so many possibilities on a theme like this. Two artists selected the Phantom of the Opera as their subject (top left, bottom right), and they are each so different. I like to get mail - Art in the Mail is such a fun thing to receive. At the far left you will see a lovely card that protected the postcard at the lower left as it traveled here from Australia. This artist said the gold star represents that muscicals meant 'being a star' to her. Such pretty, colorful flowers shown on the card . . . so unlike anything found here in North Dakota, and a lovely postcard. And the marquee showing 'my name in lights' at the top right was totally unexpected. The postcards are each so nicely done. One thing about postcards made with fabric - they are fun and interesting for the texture inherent in the piece. I love that these postcards are stitched together. All so interesting and unique.

So . . . first thing tomorrow, when I get up, my goal will be to hurry and get mine finished so I can move them on out of here and get them on their way to their destinations.

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  1. very creative. . . .
    A very interesting exchange of textile (altered) art. I look forward to seeing your finished postcard. Please post it when completed.
    I've seen both Phantom of the Opera and Cats. Both are great Broadway performances. Cats is a great productions; the blending of feline and human characteristics is phenomenal. Of course the costumes and makeup is pure artistry, not to mention the music and choreography. See it if ever presented the opportunity.


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