Monday, August 9, 2010

Life in a Garden - Bug Experts

Life in a Garden is filled with lots of flowering plants. This potted arrangement sits on our patio. I took the photo a couple days ago. These plants are probably feeling the excessive heat today. It is definitely a hot one out there. I know I need to get out the garden hose and give all our plants a drink this afternoon.

I am working on my changes to my Sewing Studio today, picking up where I left off yesterday. Today involves moving some hefty stuff around. I didn't eat my Wheaties this morning, but had half of a tasty sub sandwich at lunch. That should power me up enough for some heavy lifting. So I'm about to go to it, but just wanted to link a post to some bug experts and let you know I found out some info on the insects I have shown in recent posts.

I came across the site, What's That Bug, this weekend and submitted a few photos of insects from the garden. If you are fascinated by these small (and some not so small) creatures you may enjoy visiting their website or facebook page.

It turns out this bug that I photographed catching and eating a bumble bee is called a Robber Fly.

And last year I posted this photo of a dragonfly that was resting on the tiki tourches in the garden. This turns out to be a Mosaic Darner. Who knew? Not me, but the bug experts over there at knew. Have fun browsing through their bug pictures and info . . . if you can stand it . . . and don't get squeamish.

It is amazing that some bugs can look so intersting and colorful while others just look downright fierce. So glad I'm not a small bug. It looks terribly frightening seeing the faces and mandibles of some of these creatures enhanced and larger than life through the wonderful digital cameras available to us today.

Just think, it wasn't that many years ago that we had to use magnifying glasses and microscopes to see the things we can so easily see now via our digital cameras and a computer. It's fascinating to see the little micro-worlds all around us looking through all this great technology.

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