Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scraps and Dryer Sheets

I thought I'd pop on over here to my blog first thing this morning. Must be some 'meeting of the minds' going on . . . some cosmic info . . . passing from one person to the next. I have recently found the same string quilt show up in three places. First I log onto Facebook to peep at the new chatter and follow Terri's link to her blog. What do you know? It's a string quilt made from dryer sheets. And so cute, too. My thought went immediately to a conversation that took place last week at a local quilt shop about saving scraps and using them up. A woman at the quilt shop was talking about making a scrap quilt with fabric strips and old dryer sheets that she hangs onto.

First off, saving scraps is cost effective. It only makes sense to me. I've always saved my quilt scraps. After all, those scrap quilts cost me $9.00 a yard for fabric just like any other planned quilt. Unless, of course, someone gifts me with their scraps because they don't like to deal with them. And by the way, that is how I've come across some of my scraps. Thank-you to all my friends who have gifted such.

Amazingly, the very next blog I click onto . . . lo and behold . . . there is another post about making a scrap quilt with dryer sheets. Susan's blog features a wonderful, bright and cheery version. Obviously there is a trend going on here. It could be lead because of somebody's blog post earlier this year on this subject and these quilters are getting to the point in their stitching to show off their creations. It could be a response to the sagging economy and quilters realizing those scraps are good fodder for quilt projects. It could be a conviction to reduce, re-use and re-cycle in our quilting studios. And probably it is a combination of all these things. Afterall, quilters and artists are resourceful. In my opinion scrap quilts are lovely and well worth the time to make.

This particular pattern sounds easy. Use an old dryer sheet as your base and sew the strips to it aligning them from one opposite corner to the next. By the way, if you peek at Terri's blog, she says she's written up the instructions on making this quilt and will have it posted soon. I'm sure it will be worth your while as she is very good at producing clear how-to instructions, usually accompanied by good photographs. I'll be watching for it myself.

I've still got lots of scrap strips left over from the spiderweb quilt I have been working on. Perhaps I'll do something like this string quilt.

One of the more recent projects I have worked on is this string quilt, my spiderweb quilt. I have only two more blocks to sew for mine. Then I can finish with joining them to make the quilt top. Most of them are sewn together already. That is until I realized I needed to make two more blocks. Somehow I miss counted, or got mixed up on how I was sewing them together, or something. Anyway, when I was browsing through my drawers of scrap strips I came across more of the deep red color fabric for the 'kites'. You can see in this photo I resorted to using two different colors of fabric on some of the blocks. I didn't realize there was more hidden way back under some scraps. I know . . . it pays to be more organized. {Grin!} My next step for the completion of this quilt is to get those two blocks done and sewn into the rest of the quilt top.

Several days ago, prior to the weekend holiday, I was working on joining together blocks into quilt tops. I will soon have on my hands four more quilt tops with three more soon to follow. It has been a long time working on quilts with no finished results. That is because I have been bouncing around from one project to another and not completing any of them. My goal this summer is to get those projects wound up and completed. I want to clear the slate for more NEW quilting this fall. And just think, all those new quilts will mean we and other family members will be alot warmer this coming North Dakota winter (at 40 degrees below!) under nice warm quilts. Yeah! Yay for us!

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  1. LOL! There must be something in the air that so many are using up their scraps and dryer sheets.


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